Common questions

Can access Open FileMaker Pro files?

Can access Open FileMaker Pro files?

The FmPro To Access Migration feature built into FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition provides an automated conversion feature for FileMaker Pro database files into Microsoft Access . accdb database files. This feature includes the conversion of layouts, scripts, relationships, and value lists.

How do I import a FileMaker database?

​Choose File > Import Records > File. In the Open File dialog box, choose the name of the file that contains the data you wish to import (the source file), and click Open. The Import Field Mapping dialog displays the incoming field names on the left and the field names of the active FileMaker Pro database on the right.

How do I extract files from FileMaker Pro?

To export FileMaker Pro data to be used in another application:

  1. Open the FileMaker Pro file, and display a layout that shows the records you want to export.
  2. Find and sort the records to export.
  3. Choose File menu > Export Records.
  4. In the Export Records to File dialog box, type a name and choose a location for the file.

How do I authorize a file?

To authorize access to a file:

  1. Open the file that you want to protect.
  2. Choose File menu > Manage > Security.
  3. Click the File Access tab.
  4. If you want to authorize additional files that are not currently open, click Authorize.
  5. When you are finished, click OK.

Can you import Excel into FileMaker?

You can use Microsoft Excel and FileMaker Pro together in a variety of ways. Set up recurring imports in FileMaker Pro to make it easy to import data stored in Excel files. See Setting up recurring imports. Note Data imported via recurring import cannot be modified or added to in FileMaker Pro.

How do I convert FileMaker Pro to excel?

Exporting FileMaker Pro Data to an Excel Spreadsheet

  1. Open the FileMaker Pro database.
  2. From the File menu, point to Import/Export, and then select Export Records from the submenu.
  3. Give the file a name.
  4. From the Save as type drop-down list, select DIF.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Double-click on the fields needed for the export.

What is FileMaker compatible with?

FileMaker Pro displays and supports the language used by the desktop operating system. FileMaker Go 19 is a single, universal app that is designed for both iPad and iPhone and is available on the App Store. FileMaker WebDirect runs custom apps in a web browser on a computer, tablet, and mobile phone.

Is FileMaker Pro free?

In what was practically a tradition, Claris used to regularly offer a deal where when you buy FileMaker Pro for yourself, you get an entirely free copy for someone else. FileMaker Pro 19 is now available direct from Claris and it costs from $19 per month for up to 10 users.

What is authorization file?

An authorization file is a file containing the information you need to complete the authorization process if you are not able to authorize the software using the Internet. It can be used to authorize either Single Use or Concurrent Use licenses.

What happens when you import data into FileMaker?

When you import data, you’re bringing data from another source (usually a file) into an existing FileMaker Pro file. If you want to create a new FileMaker Pro file from another file format, see Converting a data file to a new FileMaker Pro file.

Do you need password to convert FileMaker to access?

If your Access database is protected, fill-in your password as well. In case you use Access workgroups and security, you will need to also find your system database and specify username/password for it. All source tables are selected for conversion by default.

How is a table converted in FileMaker to access?

Huge tables are converted in small chunks at a time, preserving memory and ensuring that your computer stays fast and responsive. Use our built-in database browser to examine the copied data. Of course, you can also examine the conversion in detail and see in-depth information for each table.

How can I import data into a file?

See Methods of importing data into an existing file. You can import data from any field type into any compatible field except calculation and summary fields. You can only import into container fields if you’re importing from another FileMaker Pro file or importing a folder of image files.