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Can you swim at Natural Bridge Gold Coast?

Can you swim at Natural Bridge Gold Coast?

Swimming isn’t allowed at the Natural Bridge but if seeing the river has made you want to take a refreshing dip there’s a Forest Park Rest Area a few minutes back down the road. If you walk past the picnic area and follow the path at the back it’ll take you down to the river and a great swimming hole.

How do I get to natural arch Springbrook?

It is easily accessible from the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road car park. Follow the easy one kilometre circuit (walk in a clockwise direction) and descend through ancient Gondwana rainforest to the Natural Bridge rock arch.

Is natural arch in NSW?

Natural Bridge is located at the southern extent of the Nerang River valley on the southern border with New South Wales, between the Springbrook plateau and Binna Burra in the Scenic Rim Region. The western half of Natural Bridge is protected within Lamington National Park.

How far is the walk to Natural Bridge?

About Natural Bridge Circuit Natural Bridge Circuit is a one-kilometre circuit walking trail through the subtropical rainforest in the beautiful Numinbah Valley. You will walk through the beautiful forest where you can look out for skinks and lace monitors, beautiful rainforest birds and even pademelons.

Can you go to Natural Bridge at night?

Springbrook Natural Bridge glow worms can only be seen at night. The later you go, the more glow worms you’ll see. Make sure you turn off all your lights before entering the cave. If you want to spend the night in Springbrook National Park, I recommend having a look at the Lyrebird Retreat*.

How much does it cost to see Natural Bridge?

Vehicle capacity of 16-25: $10 per person age 16 and older, not to exceed $40. Vehicle capacity of 25+: $10 per person age 16 and older, not to exceed $100.

Is Springbrook National Park free?

The Springbrook National Park One of the best overall natural free things to do in the region, Springbrook is a World Heritage listed concentration of tumbling waterfalls intermingled with pristine creeks that run amongst ancient trees – many of which can only be found here.

Do you have to pay to see Natural Bridge?

Admission per person is $6 for ages 6-12 and $8 for those 13 and older. On April 1, fees will increase to $6 for ages 3-12 and $9 for those 13 and older. Virginia Department of Transportation study of Rt. 11, which runs atop Natural Bridge.

How much is admission to Natural Bridge?

Vehicle capacity of 15 or less: $20. Vehicle capacity of 16-25: $10 per person age 16 and older, not to exceed $40.

Can you walk across the Natural Bridge?

You can only walk under the bridge. Route 11 runs on the bridge, so you can’t really walk around it. The top of the bridge is just barely uphill of and in between the visitor center and hotel.

Where is the natural arch in the Gold Coast?

The Natural Arch in Gold Coast is about a 50 minute drive from the Surfers Paradise, and 1h20 minute drive from Brisbane and Byron Bay in Springbrook National Park. This Gold Coast national park packs a punch for the plenty of activities and walks on tap. Spend the day exploring more places which we’ll mention more further in this guide.

Where is the Natural Bridge on the Gold Coast?

Natural Bridge (also called Natural Arch) nestles in the scenic Numinbah Valley near the Queensland-New South Wales border. See the picturesque rock formation, stroll through subtropical rainforest and have a bush picnic. Underneath the bridge lives a colony of glowworms, tiny stars in the dark.

What to do in the Gold Coast hinterland?

Encapsulating the scenically stunning Gold Coast Hinterland, Springbrook National Park takes you from bikinis and beaches to a world of lush green rainforest, serene in sound and majestic in ambience…. Discover a world filled with thousands of glowing lights at the Glow Worm Caves on Hartley Road in Mount Tamborine.

Which is the best part of the Gold Coast?

A UNESCO World Heritage area worthy of a day trip in itself, Lamington National Park is a lush paradise that lies at the slopes of the Gold Coast Hinterland. Well preserved ancient trees, sub-tropical…