Common questions

How do I remove Specialized Command Post?

How do I remove Specialized Command Post?

Just loosen the downtube clamps and pull the lever off the bar for housing slack so you can remove the post from the seat tube. There’s no need to mess with the barrel adjuster, unless you need to add more tension to the cable.

What is a dropper post?

A dropper post, commonly referred to as a dropper, is a replacement for your bicycle’s seat post and allows for quick adjustment of saddle height without requiring you to get off your bike or even stop moving. Most droppers work through cable actuation, although there are a handful of electronic/wireless posts.

How much pressure is in a dropper post?

All dropper posts use a spring to extend the seat upwards. In some posts, this air spring is small and held at relatively high pressure (around 200 – 250 psi). When the post is in the dropped position, that air pressure can be up to 3 times higher.

Why is my dropper post stuck down?

IT’S USUALLY AN EASY FIX Bottom line, if you’re dropper isn’t sliding down easily or returning to full height without manual assistance, slightly loosen the seatpost collar and try again. You only need it just tight enough to prevent the post from slipping down.

Is a dropper seatpost worth it?

For mountain bikers, the dropper post is worth a look, but there are several reasons it might not be for you. With a dropper post, you are able to stay centered and low over the bike, which inspires a lot of confidence and can help you go faster.

Is a dropper post necessary?

Dropper seat posts are crucial for allowing you to get low to build traction when riding rough downhill terrain, corners, and jumps. There are two different types of dropper seat posts: cable-actuated and hydraulic.

Is it OK to clamp a dropper post?

Can I clamp to the dropper post? Yes. Just make sure you follow these guidelines: Make sure you fully extend your dropper post.

Why does my dropper post go down when I sit on it?

Also like your derailleur, your dropper seat post will have a barrel adjuster near the lever to help make micro-adjustments to your cable tension. If you press the lever of your dropper post and nothing happens (the post either stays up or down), then there is not enough tension on the cable.

How do you fix a dropper post that won’t go up?

If your dropper post is moving without pressing the lever (it won’t stay up as you are riding), then you have too much tension on the cable. You’ll want to REMOVE tension. To do so, turn the barrel adjuster clockwise.