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How many episodes of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

How many episodes of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

The following is a list of episodes for Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. A total fifty-two episodes were made. Episodes 1 through 10 were intended be season 1 and episodes 11 through 20 were to be season 2 but it was merged into one season due to Cartoon Network’s schedule. Ben ‘s secret identity is exposed, casting him into the spotlight.

What did the alien do to Ben in Ben 10?

Ben ‘s secret identity is exposed, casting him into the spotlight. Elsewhere, an alien plans to detonate a nuclear bomb. Ben uses Echo Echo to make two clones of himself to attempt to be in three places at once. Zombozo, Charmcaster, and Vulkanus form an alliance and plan to ambush Ben’s parents.

Who are the villains in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

Ben, Gwen, and Kevin trail Ben’s father Carl, intercepting a team of villains consisting of Charmcaster, Vulkanus, and Zombozo the clown. The team succeeds in protecting Carl and split up to protect Ben’s family, but Gwen is ambushed by Charmcaster, resulting in Ben’s mother Sandra being captured.

Where does Gwen go in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

The team tracks Zombozo to a nearby circus, where Kevin defeats Charmcaster and Ben defeats Vulkanus. Gwen is captured by Zombozo, but takes on her full Anodite form and frightens Zombozo into fleeing, rescuing Sandra in the process.

Where does Ben go in Ultimate Alien X?

With Ultimate Aggregor having all four pieces of the Map of Infinity, he’ll be on his way to the Forge of Creation (Alien X’s home planet). Professor Paradox helps Ben, Gwen and Kevin get to they need to go, but after Paradox left, Ben and the others ran into Ben’s younger self.

Where does Greetings from Techadon take place in Ben 10?

Greetings from Techadon is the thirty-fifth episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien . In Bellwood, a massive rectangular object crash lands in the center of Bellwood, and from it emerges a yellow Techadon Robot. Meanwhile, at a local mini-golf course, Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Julie are playing an even game of miniature golf.