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How many graves are in Kensal Green Cemetery?

How many graves are in Kensal Green Cemetery?

65,000 graves
This is a 72 acre cemetery with over 65,000 graves.

Is Freddie Mercury buried in Kensal Green Cemetery?

For 21 years, fans wanting to pay their respects at Freddie Mercury’s last resting place have had nowhere to go. The singer was cremated after he died of Aids in 1991 but the whereabouts of his ashes remained unknown. The plaque is in place at Kensal Rise cemetery and dedicated to Farrokh Bulsara, Mercury’s birth name.

Can you walk around Kensal Green Cemetery?

The Cemetery is open daily From 10am to 4pm, although the tour will take around two hours so it is worth arriving before 2pm….THE KENSAL GREEN CEMETERY WALK.

Start: Kensal Green Underground Station Duration: 2 Hours
Best of Times: Daytime. Worst of Times: Evenings

Where is Freddie Mercury’s grave?

The singer’s former partner Jim Hutton said in 1994 his ashes may be buried at Garden Lodge in Kensington, West London. He said: “It’s become something of a riddle, but I’m pretty sure his final resting place is at the foot of the weeping cherry tree overlooking the whole place.”

Does anyone know where Freddie Mercury is buried?

Ever since the rumours as to where Freddie’s final resting place is have circulated. The only clue Mary will give as to the location of Freddie’s ashes is that he is not there. And she insists it will always remain that way. Mary said: “Nobody will ever know where he is buried because that was his wish.”

How big is Kensal Green Cemetery in London?

Set over 72 acres, Kensal Green Cemetery was inspired by Paris’ world famous Pere Lachaise cemetery. The oldest of London’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ cemeteries, it’s also the city’s oldest commercial cemetery and its most luxurious – if you can say such a thing about a graveyard.

How to contact Kensal Green Crematorium West London?

Please call the Crematorium Office to make an appointment 0208 969 0152. Please be mindful that we do not allow personalised planting or memorialisation in the gardens. If this is what you would prefer to do, you may wish to consider purchasing a private plot in your local cemetery.

How does funeral arranger work at Kensal Green Cemetery?

The Obitus System is used in both our Chapels. Your Funeral Arranger will help you select music from its extensive library. If the desired music is not already held in the library, your Funeral Arranger will speak to the Obitus team who will search for it and obtain it in time for your service.

Where to find WW1 graves in Kensal Green?

The Kensal WW I Graveyard is a very neat and well kept graveyard with good lawn between the headstones, which all face toward the central monument. The WW1 screen wall area in the crematorium memorial garden. Names are on the vertical rear wall and along the sloping tops of the side walls.