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Is it safe to use sea sponges for your period?

Is it safe to use sea sponges for your period?

Sea sponges are incredibly absorbent, and they expand to retain the liquid inside of them. Some companies market sea sponges as a natural alternative to other period products. These companies claim that menstrual sea sponges can be used similarly to a tampon, rinsed, and reused for six to twelve months.

Why are sea sponges bad?

‘Because of their natural environment, the sponges often contain sand, seaweed, shells and bacteria. ‘ ‘As little scientific research has been conducted into the safety of these unregulated products, we would advise women not to use them as they may cause infection or toxic shock syndrome.

Are sea sponges bad for the environment?

Most importantly, sea sponges are 100% natural, making them completely eco-friendly and biodegradable! On top of being natural and biodegradable, sea sponges are actually a sustainable resource! Sponges are harvested in a way that allows them to regrow even after they have been harvested.

How long can you use a sea sponge?

When cared for properly, a natural sea sponge can last for 2-6 years! They’re a much smarter investment than a cheap, synthetic washcloth. Not only will you save cash in the long run, but you’ll also reduce the waste you generate.

Are beppy sponges safe?

Hygienic & Safety Beppy’s are produced conform high medical quality standards. It is clinically and dermatology proven that Beppy sponges are safe and hygienic.

What is a natural sea sponge?

Natural Sea Sponges are some of the simplest multicellular organisms alive. They do not have brains, digestive, circulatory or nervous systems and, once rooted, do not move. These characteristics have made natural sea sponges an important commodity for washing and cleaning for hundreds of years.

Is it OK to buy natural sponges?

On the plus side, many people consider natural sea sponges to be eco-friendly. Sponges are able to grow back after they are harvested, so they could be considered a sustainable resource. Also, the rough surface of the natural sea sponges can be a good exfoliating tool for some.

Is sea sponge alive?

Sea sponges are one of the world’s simplest multi-cellular living organisms. Yes, sea sponges are considered animals not plants. But they grow, reproduce and survive much as plants do. They have no central nervous system, digestive system or circulatory system – and no organs!

Are natural sea sponges sanitary?

Sea sponges inhibit bacteria, mold and mildew; Sea Sponges are permeated with natural enzymes that inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Durability; A properly cared for sea sponge will last for many months. A natural sponge will hold two to three times as much water as an artificial one.

Can vegans use sea sponges?

While vegetarianism means avoiding any meat, veganism means avoiding any food or products that were ‘taken from an animal,’ including things like eggs or milk. So, by the letter of the vegan law, using sea sponges should be filed under the ‘no’ column.

Can my partner feel the sponge?

Will my partner or I be able to feel the sponge? The sponge is soft and once inserted properly you or your partner should not be able to feel it. If it feels uncomfortable, it may not be inserted the right way.

How do sea sponges benefit humans?

Sea sponges are very popular in the health and beauty field. They can be used for cleaning an array of surfaces and have better water retention than that of the artificial sponge. Most popular uses include car care, household cleaning, makeup application and removal, skin exfoliant for when bathing, and personal care.

What kind of sponge is a menstrual sponge?

A menstrual sponge is a sea sponge, which is an aquatic organism made of a substance called spongin. Sea sponges are living organisms that attach to underwater surfaces and continuously filter sea water to support their organic functions. Sea sponges are incredibly absorbent, and they expand to retain the liquid inside of them.

Is it OK to use sea sponge for your period?

People who use sea sponges for their periods may have concerns about the effects of disposable period products on the environment. After all, a single person can generate 250–300 pounds of waste by using disposable tampons or pads.

Do you think of SpongeBob when on your period?

When you hear the word “sponge,” you probably think of a lot of things: Cleaning; doing the dishes; the ocean; maybe even Spongebob Squarepants. Whatever you think of, you *probably* don’t think of periods. However, I do now, and always will. Why? Because I spent several days using a sea sponge as my period protection.

Are there any words in period sea sponge?

The words “period,” “blood,” “flow,” and “menstruation” were nowhere to be found on the site or on the pamphlet that came with the sample, and I couldn’t help but think of the stigma surrounded with these words. Like, come on, folks, let’s not dance around it! Be proud of your period!