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Is Pilkington glass OEM?

Is Pilkington glass OEM?

There are several well-known companies producing OEM windshields, companies such as AP Tech, Pilkington and PPG. These companies have long been trusted by the major automotive brands to supply their windshields.

Who manufactures auto glass?

Table 1: Top 10 Automotive Glass Manufacturers, Worldwide, according to Business Income

Company Employees worldwide*
1 Saint Gobain 180,000
2 Magna International 5,600
3 AGC Co. 51,448
4 Nippon Sheet Glass Co 26,950

What is the strongest windshield glass?

Gorilla Glass
The world is constantly becoming more technologically advanced and the future of auto glass is no different. Windshield technology is improving and Gorilla Glass–a stronger, lighter, and optically advantaged product–is changing the way we look at windshields.

What glass is used for windshield?

laminated safety glass
Modern windshields are generally made of laminated safety glass, a type of treated glass, which consists of, typically, two curved sheets of glass with a plastic layer laminated between them for safety, and bonded into the window frame.

How do I know if my windshield is OEM?

OEM Auto Glass The lowest bidder is given the contract to make the windshield and is licensed to stamp the glass with the automakers’ name and logo – this is done to let consumers know they have original equipment manufactured auto glass.

What is the best replacement windshield brand?

The companies that offer OEM windshields also offer the dealer windshields, with the top three manufacturers again being PPG, AP Tech, and Pikington.

Who makes the best auto glass?

Best Overall: Safelite Auto Glass Why We Chose It: With more than 700 in-person shops and 6,000 mobile glass repair locations, Safelite’s services are available to more than 97 percent of Americans—and its reliability makes it a top choice.

Is Safelite Glass good?

Safelite has a strong reputation in the industry with an A+ rating from the BBB based on transparency of company practices and customer complaints. Safelite reviews, however, are mixed depending on location. One Safelite glass review in Raleigh, NC praised the provider’s communication and level of service.

How strong is windshield glass?

5x Stronger Than Steel A flawless fiber of glass pulled lengthwise is five times stronger than steel! Although glass is quite strong, it’s also very brittleand the brittleness explains why glass breaks so easily. But windshields in cars and airplanes are much more resistant to breaking than regular glass.

What is the difference between OEM and OEE glass?

What’s The Difference Between “OEM” Windshields And “OEE” Windshields? OEE is the abbreviation for original equipment equivalent and OEM is the abbreviation for original equipment manufacturers. OEE glass, or aftermarket glass as it is known, is significantly cheaper than OEM or dealer glass.

Can windshield glass cut you?

The glass from the windshield (a laminated glass product) under certain circumstances can become dislodged from the vinyl inner layer to which it is laminated. If it does, the pieces “spalling” off the windshield can be sharp and certainly cut a person’s skin. While this is not common, it is possible.

Is the Pilkington windshield a good quality glass?

Pilkington is a very good glass. Used them on 2 separate cars, quality top notch, can’t tell difference between oem SM-N900P ? Well, I went to the shop to have the Pilkington windshield installed, but I did not have it installed. I immediately noticed the rearview mirror mount tab in the Pilkington was mounted lower down the glass.

Are there any Pilkington brand windshield replacements for Prius?

I’ve been shown one new ‘Pilkington’ brand windshield for Prius on a stand which I declined to have installed. What vendors have worked consistently well for you?? EDIT – Even some (maybe all) original Toyota windshields will have some vertical distortion when looking to the opposite side of the shield.

Is it safe to use aftermarket windshield glass?

Several years ago, Consumer Reports cautioned consumers not to let insurance company pressure you into using aftermarket collision repair body parts, especially safety-related parts. With your windshield supporting the structural integrity of your vehicle, particularly in a rollover situation, the windshield is definitely a safety-related part.

Where can I find a good Windshield Glass Company?

To find a knowledgeable windshield glass company, visit and enter your ZIP code. In a few easy steps, you can have a customer service representative on the line. He or she can also conference call in your insurance representative to see what type of part your insurance coverage covers for a replacement.