Common questions

Is RCI part of DVC?

Is RCI part of DVC?

Unlike other timeshares, DVC members aren’t members of RCI. Instead, DVCMC has a corporate membership that DVC members can leverage. As such, the standard RCI rules do not apply.

Who is the owner of RCI?

Wyndham Destinations
EMEA Holdings C.V.
RCI/Parent organizations

How do I get out of Unlimited vacation Club?

You can cancel for any reason or no reason at all during the rescission period. After that time you would basically have to prove fraud or convince the resort or vacation club that it is in their best interest to refund your money.

What is RCI vacation club?

RCI stands for Resorts Condominiums International. They developed a system to allow timeshare owners to exchange a vacation at their home resort for a stay of the same duration at other resorts which had joined RCI’s exchange programme.

How much does RCI membership cost?

RCI Weeks Fees United States effective March 12, 2021

Annual RCI Weeks Subscription Fees Total Cost (USD) Price Per Year (USD)
1 YR $99
2 YRS $179 $90
3 YRS $249 $83
5 YRS $399 $80

Is RCI a good company?

YES RCI is worth belonging to as long as you do it right and take advantage of the deals. If you only travel once a year or bought a $30,000 timeshare to join you probably won’t see the benefit. But as beanb41 says, if you are flexible there is no better way to travel.

Can you be a member of RCI without owning timeshare?

I confirmed with RCI that anyone can have an RCI account even if you do not own a timeshare! There are many benefits to depositing a timeshare but having an RCI account will allow you access to RCI Extra Vacations. ​In order to Join RCI, the initial cost for a one year membership is $99.

How do I sell my unlimited vacation club membership?

To get started selling your vacation club, simply fill out the form to the right or call us at 1-844-202-7607.

Are vacation memberships worth it?

While vacation club memberships offer more flexibility, you are still restricted by your number of points and are still committed to paying yearly maintenance fees. Because of the high upfront cost, timeshares and vacation club memberships make the most financial sense in the long term.

Can I use RCI without owning a timeshare?

Can I cancel my RCI timeshare?

You may cancel your membership by notifying RCI by telephone or in writing.

Do you have to pay for all inclusives at RCI?

All the makings of a rejuvenating getaway will be available, unlimited, at one set upfront price. Arrive at an RCI all-inclusive resort, lock your wallet in the safe, and simply enjoy yourselves. No cash, no credit, no anxiety.

Are there any Unlimited Vacation Clubs for kids?

The Explorer’s Club for Kids with Red Cross certified staff and Core Zone Teens Club* provide supervised day and evening activities. Beautiful and exciting destinations provide a lovely setting for a wedding, honeymoon, romantic getaway or family vacation. Unlimited-Luxury® for couples and couples with children. *Available at select resorts.

What does it mean to be a member of RCI?

Join RCI and you can exchange your vacation ownership for time at other resorts around the world. Upgrade to RCI Platinum ® and receive access to exclusive sales & savings, priority privileges, and much more!

How many RCI affiliated resorts are there in the world?

In fact, you can travel to 4,200+ RCI® affiliated resorts in 110 countries around the world.* At RCI, we understand that no matter how busy life gets, you look forward to the time that you set aside each year to travel to your favorite destination – or a brand new one!