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What are the 10 stages of the French Revolution?

What are the 10 stages of the French Revolution?

16 Key Stages in the French Revolution

  • Assembly of Notables (1787) Ernest Wolfe.
  • Meeting of the Estates-General (1789)
  • Tennis Court Oath (1789)
  • Storming of the Bastille (1789)
  • The Great Fear (1789)
  • Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen (1789)
  • Women’s March on Versailles (1789)
  • Civil Constitution of the Clergy (1790)

What were 10 causes of the French Revolution?

Here are the 10 major causes of the French Revolution.

  • #1 Social Inequality in France due to the Estates System.
  • #2 Tax Burden on the Third Estate.
  • #3 The Rise of the Bourgeoisie.
  • #4 Ideas put forward by Enlightenment philosophers.
  • #5 Financial Crisis caused due to Costly Wars.
  • #7 The Rise in the Cost of Bread.

What were the main events of French Revolution?

The Bastille and the Great Fear A popular insurgency culminated on July 14 when rioters stormed the Bastille fortress in an attempt to secure gunpowder and weapons; many consider this event, now commemorated in France as a national holiday, as the start of the French Revolution.

What are 5 things that led to the French Revolution?

Although scholarly debate continues about the exact causes of the Revolution, the following reasons are commonly adduced: (1) the bourgeoisie resented its exclusion from political power and positions of honour; (2) the peasants were acutely aware of their situation and were less and less willing to support the …

What was Phase 3 of the French Revolution?

Phase III: “Second French Revolution,” 1792-4 Radical Phase Leading group invokes an emergency strategy, democratic reforms deferred, they define “enemies of the revolution.”

What were some results of the French Revolution?

10 Major Effects of the French Revolution

  • #1 End of Bourbon Rule in France.
  • #2 Change in Land Ownership in France.
  • #3 Loss in power of the French Catholic Church.
  • #5 The Rise of Modern Nationalism.
  • #6 The Spread of Liberalism.
  • #7 Laying the Groundwork for Communism.
  • #8 Destruction of Oligarchies and Economic Growth in Europe.

What were the major causes of the French Revolution quizlet?

What were the main causes of the French Revolution? Enlightenment ideas, Economic Troubles, Weak Leader, Meeting of the Estates General, National Assembly, and Tennis Court Oath.

What were some results of the French revolution?

What event kicked off the French Revolution?

Bastille Day celebrates the rebellion that ignited the French Revolution. On July 14, 1789, thousands of Parisians stormed the prison to protest King Louis XVI’s abuse of power.

What was Phase 2 of the French Revolution?

Phase 2 of the French Revolution. began a wave of killings in Paris from September 2 – 7, 1792. Over 1500 people were killed in Paris, including about 200 priests, hundreds of Swiss guards & many petty criminals.

What were the 2 phases of the French Revolution?

Through the Phases of the Revolution- The Moderate Phase, The Radical Phase, and The Conservative Phase- the rise and fall of the Revolution and people of the Revolution can be seen.

What were the positive and negative effects of the French revolution?

French life changed dramatically because of the revolution. The absolute monarchies disappeared and the Kings no longer ruled. The National Assembly abolished all feudal customs and ended serfdom. Constitutions were developed that brought about many positive changes in many societies.

What are the most important events of the French Revolution?

The French revolution made a major change in France and inspired some other revolutionary movements throughout Europe. Three important events that occurred during the French revolution were the Storming of the Bastille, Execution of King Louis XVI, and the Reign of Terror.

Why did French Revolution started?

The French Revolution started because of King Louis XVI. France was losing a plethora of money and was on the verge of bankruptcy. The reason why they were in this state is because King Louis XV spent a lot of money; King Louis XVI lavishly spent money and during the American Revolution France gave a generous contribution.

What is the timeline of the French Revolution?

French Revolution of 1830 Timeline. Timeline Description: The French Revolution of 1830, also known as the July Revolution, was a rebellion by liberals and revolutionaries against the French monarchy.

What were the dates of the French Revolution?

The French Revolution was a tumultuous ten-year period that lasted from approximately 5 May 1789 to 9 November 1799 and forever changed France. Those people who experienced these tumultuous times saw monumental social and political change.