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What is Colchicum autumnale used for?

What is Colchicum autumnale used for?

Nowadays, in addition to relieving inflammation in acute gout attacks, it is used to treat other inflammatory disorders including Behçet’s syndrome and the hereditary fever syndrome familial Mediterranean fever.

Is a colchicum a crocus?

When it comes to bulbs, the name “crocus” is often used to describe two unrelated plants: Colchicum, often called by the common name autumn crocus, is a Lily relative, while true Crocuses belong to the Iris family. Both bulbs produce large, chalice-like blooms in shades of lilac, pink, violet, and white.

Is Colchicum perennial?

Colchicum is a genus of perennial flowering plants containing around 160 species which grow from bulb-like corms. It is a member of the botanical family Colchicaceae, and is native to West Asia, Europe, parts of the Mediterranean coast, an dparts of Africa.

How do you plant Colchicum autumnale?

Grow colchicum bulbs purchased from the local garden center in late summer in well-drained soil in full to part sun. The sunnier the location for colchicums, the less likely they will flop over when flowering. Amend the soil well with compost. Plant bulbs 4 to 6 inches deep spaced 6 to 12 inches apart.

Is meadow saffron poisonous to humans?

The leaves and fruit of meadow saffron contain the highest level of toxins, but all parts of the plant are regarded as poisonous.

Is colchicum a medicinal plant?

Colchicum Autumnale as a medicinal plant and homeopathic medicine. Many parts of the colchicum plant are poisonous as they contain colchicine. This includes the bulb-like corms, seed, leaves and flowers of the Autumn Crocus.

What is the difference between crocus and saffron?

As nouns the difference between crocus and saffron is that crocus is a perennial flowering plant (of the genus crocus” in the ”iridaceae family) saffron is obtained from the stamens of (taxlink) while saffron is the saffron crocus plant, (taxlink).

Is crocus the same as saffron?

It is best known for producing the spice saffron from the filaments that grow inside the flower. The term “autumn crocus” is also used for species in the Colchicum genus, which strongly resemble crocuses….Crocus sativus.

Saffron crocus
Order: Asparagales
Family: Iridaceae
Genus: Crocus
Species: C. sativus

Is colchicine and colchicum same?

5.1. 2 Colchicine. The plant alkaloid colchicine, derived from Colchicum species, has been used for centuries to treat gout, but its tubulin-binding properties have made this compound a widely utilized tool in the study of microtubule dynamics.

How do you store Colchicum bulbs?

Place corms in a paper or mesh bag. You may choose to line the bag with dried moss to cushion the bulbs. Store them in a dry location for two months or more. Plant the corms 6 to 8 weeks before a hard freeze is expected or force bulbs indoors in pots and plant outside when soil is workable.

How do you divide Colchicum?

One thing to know about dividing colchicum: The bulbs are often very deep. To avoid splitting the clump and potentially destroying the corm, dig straight down and deeply to get underneath the growth. Then gently lift the clump out. The corms tease apart easily after you knock the dirt off.

Are colchicum poisonous?

Toxicity. Colchicum plants are deadly poisonous due to their colchicine content and have been mistaken by foragers for ramsons, which they vaguely resemble. The symptoms of colchicine poisoning are similar to those of arsenic, and no antidote is known.