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What is the best boat trailer for salt water?

What is the best boat trailer for salt water?

Aluminum trailers
Aluminum trailers are lighter weight and are the ultimate choice for salt water use. Just remember, due to strength, even aluminum trailers have steel fasteners, tongues, winch posts, axles, springs and other steel components.

What size trailer do I need for a 24 foot boat?

A 24 foot pontoon boat requires a 21- 27 foot long trailer. Choose a trailer with a number of axles that can accommodate the weight of your pontoon boat. A single axle trailer can carry up to 2,250 lbs. A dual axle trailer can carry 2,250 lbs to 4,800 lbs.

What size trailer does my boat need?

To calculate needed trailer capacity, calculate the total weight including the boat, the engine, a full fuel tank (approximately 7 lbs. per gallon), full water tanks (if applicable) and your personal gear. A good rule of thumb is to use 10% of boat, motor, and liquid weights for personal gear.

What are boat trailer ratings based on?

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
Trailer Size Federal law requires that a trailer display its GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), which is the total weight the trailer is rated to carry, including the boat, engine, gasoline (six pounds per gallon), water (eight pounds per gallon) and gear.

How do you rust proof a trailer?


  1. Clean the trailer. This is a dirty job.
  2. Inspect the trailer.
  3. Decide on a plan of action.
  4. Touch up the paint on the outside.
  5. Apply rust preventative to the inside.
  6. After a few days, wash the outside.
  7. Do this every year or two, depending on usage and climate.

Which is better steel or aluminum trailer?

Strength: Steel is typically stronger than aluminum. Aluminum has a distinct advantage though because it is much more durable than steel. The difference is that because aluminum is lighter, an aluminum trailer will have a better strength-to-weight ratio.

Can you trailer a 28 foot boat?

How wide of a boat can you trailer? In most states, a boat must have a beam width of 8 feet six inches (8’6″) wide or less for trailering. With the right towing accessories and tow hitches, there is no limit to the size of a boat you can tow. However, your truck has to be up for the task.

What is a proper fueling tip?

Unload any portable fuel tanks and have your passengers step off the boat and onto the dock. This will help keep the boat stable and minimize the likelihood of spills. Make sure that no one is smoking in the area or that any flames are present. You should also turn off all electrical equipment that could throw a spark.

Should a boat trailer be level when towing?

When you tow a boat trailer – or any trailer for that matter – the trailer needs to be as level as possible before you take off for your destination. “The weight on your trailer hitch ball after the rig is leveled, should be 7-12% of the total weight of your boat and trailer.”

Why do trailers rust?

Water and salt are a big contributor to rust and corrosion on metals. It’s also important to ensure the trailer is in full and safe working order with the electrics, winch and hitch. You may also encounter sand and mud which can also cause corrosion on the trailer if not washed down well.

When was the Sea Hawk sailer yacht built?

The Sea Hawk was designed for coastal cruising but is equally at home on inland waters. Many examples are found on the Norfolk Broads, where they were built between 1969 and 1998. The 300lb or so of concrete in the keel make the Sea Hawk a stable boat even with the steel centre plate raised. This makes it ideal for creek crawling.

What kind of boat is the Sea Hawk?

The boat was available in two and fourth berth versions and has a large cockpit, more than enough room for four large adults, making her an ideal day boat. The Sea Hawk was designed for coastal cruising but is equally at home on inland waters.

What kind of bottom does a Seahawk have?

The Deep Vee bottom shape, along with specially calibrated strakes, precision extruded chines and offshore bracket are responsible for the Seahawk’s quick planing, straight tracking and highly controlled turns.

What makes a North River Seahawk so good?

The North River Seahawk is as beautiful as it is functional. The hull is shaped and precision welded to increase strength and create a smooth seamless surface to maximize ride, engine efficiency and performance.