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What is the grid in the TRON system?

What is the grid in the TRON system?

The Grid is a vast part of the Tron system, programmed by Kevin Flynn. Often referred to by Flynn as his “digital frontier”, the Grid was made to provide an experimental platform where all forms of research could be carried out at unparalleled speeds. Perceived time on the Grid is measured in cycles and run at a pace far greater than time

How to make a Tron grid glow in Photoshop?

Press Crtl/Cmd+T to bring up the free transform tool. Now Cmd click on Mac, or right click on PC and select perspective. Grap the little box on one of the bottom corners and drag out from the image. If you really want a Tron effect, you will need the grid to glow.

Where can I get 50 deadly Tron grids?

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Who is the voice of the grid in Tron Uprising?

The “voice” of the Grid is credited as Tricia Helfer in TRON: Uprising and Ana Free in TRON RUN/r . The architecture in Tron City is partially based on designs by Jordan Canas . Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Where do the ISOs live in Tron Evolution?

In TRON: Betrayal and TRON: Evolution, the Grid’s largest ISO population lived in Arjia City, located on the Codestream Nexus. Evolution also introduced a distant settlement, Bostrum Colony, which was the exclusive home of a faction of ISOs and like-minded Basics who preferred solidarity to segregation.

What was the name of the port in Tron Uprising?

TRON: Uprising introduced the far-off port of Argon City, its neighbor and original settlement Purgos, and a large metropolitan area called Bismuth of which only the Light Rail station was seen in the show.