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What is the meaning behind the song Drops of Jupiter by Train?

What is the meaning behind the song Drops of Jupiter by Train?

Monahan wrote “Drops of Jupiter” soon after his mom had passed away following a battle with cancer. In the song, he imagines that after dying his mom’s spirit could go anywhere, and so a person would be likely to go explore the universe. Thus, his mother returned to visit him with “drops of Jupiter” in her hair.

Is Drops of Jupiter about his mom?

In an interview with VH1, lead singer Pat Monahan revealed that he wrote this song about the death of his mother. Train released their first album in 1998, and were touring that year when Monahan’s mom was dying of lung cancer – she was a heavy smoker.

Who wrote Drops of Jupiter by Train?

Pat Monahan
Scott UnderwoodJimmy StaffordCharlie ColinRob Hotchkiss
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Who originally sang Drops of Jupiter?

“Drops of Jupiter”, initially released as “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)”, is a song written and recorded by American rock band Train. It was released on January 29, 2001, as the lead single from their second studio album, Drops of Jupiter (2001).

Why is Drops of Jupiter such a good song?

Drops of Jupiter is a song from 2001 that is very popular among people of all ages. Part of the reason for this song’s success is its ambiguous lyrics, which allow any listener to create their own meaning as they hear each line.

What genre is Drops of Jupiter?

Pop rock
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Where was Drops of Jupiter recorded?

That was Brendan O’Brien. We recorded that record in Atlanta, and we did not have “Drops of Jupiter.” I wasn’t a Pearl Jam fan, but there’s a song called “Better Man(opens in a new tab)” that was on the radio, so I asked if I could look into that producer, and it was Brendan O’Brien.

Is train still recording?

San Francisco, California, U.S. Train is an American rock band from San Francisco, formed in 1993. Because of this, Train went on a two-year hiatus from recording any new music.

What was Trains biggest hit?

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. “Meet Virginia” 4:00
2. “Drops of Jupiter” 4:20
3. “Calling All Angels” 4:02
4. “Get to Me” 4:05

Who is lead singer for Train?

Pat Monahan
Pat Monahan, Grammy-Winning, Multi-Platinum-Selling Lead Singer of ‘Train’ to Make Broadway Debut in Rocktopia – Rocktopia – On Tour This Spring!

Is Drops of Jupiter a cover song?

With Confidence have released their cover of Train’s ‘Drops Of Jupiter’, complete with a video. The cover is part of Hopeless Records’ Songs That Saved My Life project, with a second covers album just around the corner.

What film is Drops of Jupiter in?

In the film the surrogate for Kelly is the character of David (played by Jesse Plemons), a struggling comedy writer reeling from a break-up while wallowing in disdain for suburban Sacramento, embodied by the persistent radio presence of Train’s anthemic “Drops of Jupiter.”

What’s the meaning of train drops of Jupiter?

First off Drops of Jupiter is by Train. It is a song about a love interest. Someone who was loved deeply and desired deeply by the writer. Lyric describing the thoughts going through heads. Did the girl end up missing someone who could have gave them all when she was looking for her identity.

What does the song Drops of Jupiter mean?

Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” uses very-colorful, celestially-based language and is full of symbolism and metaphors. Thus people have interpreted it in a variety of ways, which has contributed to its outrageous popularity.

Why did P Monahan write train drops of Jupiter?

P. Monahan wrote this song for his mother. So it is not a love song, he wrote it for her after she passed away from cancer. So people stop saying that this is a typical love song about his first love and that she left him or stuff like that. The song is for his beloved mother.

Which is the most famous song by train?

Train’s Pat Monahan Explains Some Of Their Most Iconic Lyrics 1 “Drops of Jupiter” 2 “Hey Soul Sister” 3 “Meet Virginia” 4 “Calling All Angels” 5 “Drive By” 6 “Marry Me” 7 “50 Ways to Say Goodbye”