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What percentage full is Folsom Lake?

What percentage full is Folsom Lake?

Folsom Lake is currently at 29% capacity (35% of average), while Lake Oroville sits at 31% capacity (39% of average). Pine Flat Reservoir which impounds the Kings River currently sits at just 28% capacity.

How high is the water at Folsom Lake?

Water in Lake Folsom is also used for drinking water and power generation throughout the year. As a reservoir, the water levels in the lake fluctuate between 440 ft in the early summer and 405 ft in the early winter.

Why is Folsom Lake so low 2021?

Folsom Lake rose by an average of 400,000 acre-feet from January through early June during the last 10 years. In 2021, it rose by just 70,000 acre-feet, due to lack of rain, hot weather and water releases.

Is Folsom Lake low?

The surface elevation of Folsom Lake, photographed by drone on Sunday, July 25, 2021, was around 378 feet over the weekend, the lowest since early 2016. The reservoir has about 35% of its average amount of water for this time of year.

What is the lowest Folsom Lake has ever been?

Folsom Lake in California sank to its lowest level in history on Saturday, breaking the record set during the 1977 drought. The reservoir sat at 140,600 acre-feet, which is only 14 percent of capacity, according to the California Department of Water Resources.

What is the deepest reservoir in California?

The largest single reservoir in California is Shasta Lake, with a full volume of more than 4,552,000 acre-feet (5.615 km3). denotes reservoir that is offstream or receives most of its water from a source not associated with its feeder stream(s).

Is Folsom Lake water safe?

The staff of Folsom Lake encourages all park visitors to enjoy safe fun and wholesome family recreation, but we would also like to caution all park users to the potential dangers inherent in water recreation. Over the past ten years there have been fatalities at Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma.

Can I swim in Folsom Lake?

Granite Bay is an ideal location to bring your family to enjoy Folsom Lake. The sandy beach, buoyed swim area and lifeguard services during the summer season make this area a safe location for swimming and playing in the water.

Does Folsom Lake dry up?

— Folsom Lake — The most recent rain year, which ended in June, was the seventh-driest in Los Angeles’ 144 years of records, according to Golden Gate Weather Services, and the third-driest on record in the Northern Sierra region.

How much does it cost to get into Folsom Lake?

Day Use

Peak Non-Peak
Folsom Point $12 $12
Granite Bay $12 $12
Mormon Island $5 $5
Bike Lot (Darrington) $10 $10

What is the largest most effective natural reservoir in California?

Shasta Lake
The largest single reservoir in California is Shasta Lake, with a full volume of more than 4,552,000 acre-feet (5.615 km3).

What is the biggest man made lake in California?

Shasta Reservoir
Shasta Reservoir is California’s largest man-made lake with a gross pool storage capacity of 4,552,000 acre-feet. Shasta Dam and Reservoir are located on the upper Sacramento River in northern California about 9 miles northwest of the City of Redding. The entire reservoir is within Shasta County.

What is the current water level of Folsom Lake?

Folsom Lake Water Level. WATER LEVEL. 397.27. Feet MSL. Monday, May 3, 2021. 3:00:00 AM. Level is 397.27 feet. above full pool of 0.00. Preparing lake level chart…

Is there a speed limit on Folsom Lake?

Low water ramp at Brown’s Ravine is the only open launch ramp Speed Limit on entire lake is 5 miles per hour Folsom Lake is below elevation 400′ and a 5 mile per hour speed limit is in effect for the entire lake. The lake is currently coming up slowly, but it is still doubtful it will get high enough for the speed limit to be removed.

How tall is Folsom Lake in Feather River?

Feather River QPF FOLSOM LAKE (FOL) Elevation: 466′ · AMERICAN R basin · Operator: US Bureau of Reclamation Query executed Sunday at 18:41:22 Provisional data, subject to change. Select a sensor type for a plot of data.

Is the Hobie Cove ramp open at Folsom Lake?

The lake has reached it high point and is currently slow going down. The Hobie Cove ramp at Brown’s Ravine is the only operational ramp at this time. The fenced consturction area has been removed and the parking lot is now fully open. Be advised that State Parks has a boat on the water and is strickly enforcing the lake’s speed limit.