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What region is Khurais?

What region is Khurais?

Saudi Arabia
The Khurais field, with an area of 2,890 km² and 127 km long, is located about 250 km southwest of Dhahran and 150 km east-northeast of Riyadh….

Khurais oil field
Location of Khurais oil field
Country Saudi Arabia
Coordinates 25°04′10″N 48°11′42″ECoordinates: 25°04′10″N 48°11′42″E
Operator Saudi Aramco

Where is Khurais oil field?

The Khurais oil field, located 250km south-west of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, is the second biggest oil field in Saudi Arabia, after the Ghawar oil field.

Which is the latest expansion of the Khurais oil field?

The latest expansion project at Khurais involved the development of the lower Fadhli field, installation of new satellite facilities in the Abu Jifan and Mazalij fields, and the construction of the new Oil Train-5 adjacent to the Khurais central processing facility (CPF).

What was the total cost of the Khurais project?

The Khurais programme also increased the capacity of the Qurayyah seawater injection system by 4.5 million bpd of treated water for injection at the Khurais and South Ghawar fields in 2008. The total project cost is estimated to be about $10bn.

When did Saudi Aramco start the Khurais expansion?

Saudi Aramco initiated the Khurais Arabian Light Crude Increment Program in 2012, as part of its Vision 2030 to make the best use of its proved reserves of 332.9 billion barrels of oil equivalent (bboe), while leveraging the growing demand for energy and the volatile oil market.

How many gosps are there in Khurais field?

There are four existing gas / oil separation plants (GOSPs) in operation in the Khurais field and one GOSP in each of the two other fields. Currently, the combined production capacity is 300,000bpd.