Common questions

What time does boarding start on Norwegian cruise?

What time does boarding start on Norwegian cruise?

Cruise ships will usually begin boarding approximately four hours before the scheduled departure time, typically around 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. If you’d like to arrive at that time, go right ahead!

When can I check in for my NCL cruise?

You can complete Norwegian’s Online Check-In up until 24 hours prior to your departure date. To make this go as quickly as possible it is important for you to gather the information you need before you begin.

What is the process of boarding a cruise ship?

At most ports, you’ll approach a cruise line agent and show them your boarding pass and passport (or other identity-confirming identification, such as a driver’s license and birth certificate). Once they’ve verified that everything is in order, you’ll be directed to the security checkpoints.

How soon can you board a cruise ship before departure?

The earliest that guests can board a cruise is between 4-5 hours before the ship is scheduled to sail away. Guests may be able to check in earlier but will usually not be able to embark until this time. A number of factors affect when you can embark a cruise ship.

What happens on cruise embarkation day?

Embarkation day for your cruise vacation is an exciting day. You get to board the ship and check into your stateroom. You’ll likely have a glass of Champagne or other drink in your hand within moments of boarding, activating vacation mode.

What is the best time to board a cruise ship?

We recommend getting to the terminal either early (11 a.m. to noon), before the rush, or late (after 2 p.m.), when most people are already onboard. You might still have a little wait, but it won’t be anything compared to peak boarding time.

How far in advance can you book shore excursions on NCL?

approximately 6 months
An updated listing of Shore Excursions is available approximately 6 months prior to the first sailing of each cruise destination season. All tours are available to pre-request at My NCL, or you can call 866-625-1167 (US & Canada) or 0845-201-8907 (UK).

Can you change passenger name on Norwegian Cruise?

Full name changes are allowed up to 70 days prior to sailing. Name correction (e.g. spelling mistake) can be made anytime up to 48 hours prior sailing.

How strict is cruise security?

The International Ship and Port Safety Code, implemented in 2004, requires all cruise ships to engage in strict screening measures. This means that all passengers must pass through metal detectors before they enter the ship, and that their clothes and baggage are X-rayed as well .

What’s the best time to board a cruise ship?

What do you wear on embarkation day?

Embarkation day is all about having fun, so wearing what you’re comfortable in is key….Here are some examples of what I usually see cruisers wear when boarding the ship:

  • Tees.
  • Tanks.
  • Short sleeve or sleeveless tops.
  • Golf shirts or polos.
  • Casual button-up shirts or blouses.
  • Shorts.
  • Capris.
  • Casual pants.