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What was Three Days Grace original name?

What was Three Days Grace original name?

Three Days Grace were formed in Norwood, Ontario, Canada, in 1997 by Adam Gontier (vocals, guitar), Brad Walst (bass), and Neil Sanderson (drums). The group was originally called Groundswell, a five-piece that lasted from 1992 until transforming to a trio five years later.

What font does Three Days Grace use?

They are written in a serif typeface reminiscent of the commercial Crewekerne Magna Expanded Bold. The bottom of the symbols is pointed and looks like miniature needles or thorns. The style of the emblem is close to romantic and magical.

Is 3 days grace grunge?

Musical style. Their music has been described as post-grunge, hard rock, alternative metal, alternative rock, and nu metal. Their self-titled album mostly features the sounds of alternative metal and post-grunge.

What is the meaning of Three Days Grace?

This song is about being done with someone or something, and being so fed up after you gave them everything and they still mistreat you, so you leave but you take the high road out. This song is based on a metaphor that compares life to a road. This particular road, like life, has high points and low points.

Why did Three Days Grace write Fallen Angel?

On the album’s fourth single, Three Days Grace taps into the feeling of helplessness that occurs when a loved one is in pain. The song was based on drummer Neil Sanderson’s childhood memories of witnessing his mother’s grief over losing her husband and one of her sons.

Why did the band Three Days Grace break up?

By the end of 1995, the band had broken up. In 1997, Gontier, Sanderson, and Walst regrouped as “Three Days Grace”. According to Gontier, the name refers to a sense of urgency, with the question being whether someone could change something in their life if they had only three days to make a change.

How many No.1 singles does Three Days Grace have?

With 14 No. 1 singles, 3DG has surpassed the likes of hard rock legends, Van Halen. The four-time Juno Award-winners currently stand with over 1.35 billion streams on Spotify and their first three albums have each been certified platinum. Two decades in the making and Three Days Grace show no signs of slowing down.