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Whats Leona Lewis doing now?

Whats Leona Lewis doing now?

These days, Leona has branched out into acting and made her Broadway debut as Grizabella in Cats in 2016. Leona continues to perform and will join Gary Barlow on his Music Played By Humans Tour in 2021 – her first tour in five years.

Why has Leona Lewis stopped singing?

Leona Lewis has told Newsbeat she had to leave Simon Cowell’s record label in order to save her career. The singer said it became “complicated” as Syco grew and signed other artists, after she signed following her X Factor win in 2006.

Is Leona Lewis still married?

Leona Lewis looks effortlessly chic in a white turtleneck jumper and beige cargo pants as she grabs a coffee with her husband Dennis Jauch. They have been dating since 2010, and happily married since 2019.

Has Leona Lewis got a child?

No one adopted her as a child, and I would very much like to adopt.” After nine years together, the Bleeding Love songstress married her creative director husband in July last year at legendary musician Sting’s sprawling 16th century estate in Tuscany, Italy.

What disease does Leona Lewis have?

In 2017, Lewis revealed she has Hashimoto’s disease, detailing the pain and fatigue experienced because of the condition.

What does Dennis Jauch do for a living?

According to The Sun, Jauch is a German-born choreographer, creative director, and dancer. He began perfecting his craft at a young age and learned to perform at a dance school run by his parents.

Has Leona Lewis been married before?

Dennis Jauchm. 2019
Leona Lewis/Spouse

Lewis married her long-term fiancé, professional dancer and choreographer Dennis Jauch, in July 2019. The couple married in Tuscany, Italy, at Sting’s 16th century, 865-acre, Il Palagio estate. The couple had been dating since 2010.

Who are Leona’s parents?

Aural Josiah Lewis
Maria Lewis
Leona Lewis/Parents