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Where was Federico Castelluccio born and raised?

Where was Federico Castelluccio born and raised?

FEDERICO CASTELLUCCIO BIOGRAPHY Federico Castelluccio is a driven and talented individual maintaining careers, as a professional artist, established actor and director. Born in Naples, Italy, Federico moved with his family to Paterson, New Jersey, in 1968.

What kind of plays does Federico Castelluccio play in?

Federico has been in many off, and off, off Broadway plays, as well as regional theatre and Shakespeare festivals. Early on in his career, while doing “Savage in Limbo”, a play by John Patrick Shanley, Federico was approached by agents from Barry-Haft- Brown, who saw his work and asked if they could represent him.

What kind of art does Castelluccio do?

Castelluccio’s focus has been mainly on painting the figure and still life, as well as, trompe l’oeil and landscape. He works strictly from life and has drawn praise for his paintings and for his exceptional quality and high level of technical ability.

What kind of jacket did Federico Castelluccio wear in The Sopranos?

This black leather jacket I’m wearing was in a brothel scene, and it still has the blood splatters that stained the jacket on the inside lining.” He told us, “My greatest memories of ‘The Sopranos,’ I guess, was my first episode [“Big Girls Don’t Cry”] … a moment where I felt my character was proving himself to the Soprano family and Tony Soprano.”

Who is the p.r.rep for Castelluccio?

But Castelluccio’s p.r. rep James Sliman alleged in Kings County Supreme Court papers filed in August that Castelluccio promised him $35,000 after the work sold, but then told him “on three or four occasions that the painting was about to be sold, when he apparently had no real idea if the painting would ever be sold.”

Why is James Sliman suing James Castelluccio?

According to a news item posted on Art Daily, Castelluccio is being sued by his former publicist, James Sliman, for payment. Over the last two-and-a-half years, Silman was tasked with promoting a newly-discovered painting of Saint Sebastian by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, best-known as Guercino, thought to be worth $10 million.