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Who is the director of Oh my Venus?

Who is the director of Oh my Venus?

“Oh My Venus” is a 2015 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Hyung Suk. Fetching results… I could literally write a 20 page essay on how amazing this drama is. The drama is a lot different from the typical “Korean Drama”. I think everyone should give this drama a chance. The drama has a good pace. People need to be patient with it.

How to watch Oh my Venus with friends?

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Who is Im Woo shik in Oh my Venus?

Im Woo-shik is a former national swimmer. After meeting her while she was still in high school, Woo-shik falls in love with Joo-eun and she becomes his long-time girlfriend. Despite claiming she is his first love, Woo-shik begins to lose interest in Joo-eun and secretly goes out with Oh Soo-jin, Joo-eun’s former best friend.

Who is Korean snake in Oh my Venus?

He is a professional MMA fighter trained by John Kim, his alias is “Korean Snake”. He used to be an orphan but John Kim gladly took him as his student and trained him to become a successful MMA fighter. Ji-woong is naturally the mood-maker, a goofy and nice person. He works as Joon-sung’s manager.

Who are the main characters in Oh my Venus?

The main character, a lawyer played by Shin Min Ah, is a strong character and this drama is in no way about her ‘falling’ for a man as many romances may be. This drama is about her fight for happiness within her relationships and her life, as she tries to become confident in her body.

What happens at the end of Oh my Venus?

Not the hit… It’s a finale filled with neat little bows for Oh My Venus, with hearts and flowers flying everywhere. We don’t get all the answers we’d like, but when is life…