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Who sang Welcome to the Pleasuredome?

Who sang Welcome to the Pleasuredome?

Frankie Goes To Hollywood
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Who played bass on Welcome to the Pleasuredome?

After Jed left the band, he was replaced by Brian Nash. Mark stayed on as bass guitarist of Frankie until they split. Ped was a known face on the Liverpool scene in the late 70s playing in various bands including Sons And Egypt with Mark and Nash prior to joining Frankie in 1980.

What year was welcome to the Pleasuredome released?

October 29, 1984
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Why was relax banned?

“Relax” is a song by English synth-pop band Frankie Goes to Hollywood, released in the United Kingdom by ZTT Records in 1983. It remained in the UK Top 40 for 37 consecutive weeks, 35 of which overlapped with a radio airplay ban by the BBC (owing to lyrics perceived as overtly sexual).

Who died from Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

HOLLY JOHNSON, former lead singer of the pop group Frankie Goes to Hollywood, has revealed that he has the Aids virus, writes John Arlidge. Mr Johnson, 33, discovered he was HIV positive only a few days before the death last year of Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen.

How much is Frankie Goes to Hollywood worth?

Frankie Goes to Hollywood had #1 singles in the UK and other countries with the songs “Relax”, “Two Tribes”, and “The Power of Love”….Holly Johnson Net Worth.

Net Worth: $12 Million
Profession: Singer, Writer, Musician, Artist, Painter
Nationality: England

What happened to Mark O Toole?

O’Toole lives in South Florida with his wife and son, and is the bass guitar player in the rock band Trapped by Mormons. A guitarist from a very early age, O’Toole co-wrote hits such as Relax, Two Tribes and The Power of Love….

Did Frankie Goes to Hollywood play their own instruments?

Not long after. Frankie Goes To Hollywood were rehearsing, Ped on drums, Mark on bass and Ged on guitar. Trouble was, he wasn’t very good — “I could work one hand but not the other” — so it was probably a blessing when his generous parents gave him a drum kit for his sixteenth birthday.

What is the meaning of Frankie says Relax?

Johnson and Paul Rutherford, Frankie’s backup singer, are both gay, and while “Relax” may be interpreted as an upbeat paean to sex in general, the song is specifically an enthusiastic celebration of gay sex, something the ad campaign for Welcome to the Pleasuredome made clear.

Why did Frankie Goes to Hollywood split?

O’Toole and Molloy had formed Forbidden Hollywood to play their new songs alongside old FGTH material. This was to avoid legal issues with Holly Johnson over use of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood name. Live dates were announced but in June 2007, these were cancelled.

What is Frankie Goes to Hollywood doing now?

Johnson remained creative working as a painter and printmaker and writing songs until 1994 when he returned to performing music occasionally. Holly remains a very active musician, performer, and songwriter.

How many hits did Frankie Goes to Hollywood have?

Frankie Goes To Hollywood amassed 13 Top 40 hits (six of which were reissues of their early singles), including those three Number 1s. They were the first act to top the Official Singles Chart with their first three singles since Gerry & The Pacemakers in 1963. And now, the rest of our retro Top 5.

When was Welcome to the Pleasuredome released?

“Welcome to the Pleasuredome” is the title track to the 1984 debut album by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

What kind of mix is welcome to the Pleasuredome?

An edited version of the album track created by the Sacramento radio station KZAP, and known as “Welcome to the Pleasuredome (KZAP Edit)” (6:22) A version of the second UK 7-inch mix (“Alternative Reel”) with a new introduction added, and known as “Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Urban Mix)” (8:08).

Is the song Welcome to the Pleasuredome a mistake?

It is unknown whether Palmer’s concluding “Welcome To The Pleasured r ome” was a genuine mistake or a deliberately scripted one. This is the only single from the group that was not released on a CD single at that time, the other being “Watching The Wildlife”.