Are weighted baseballs good for training?

Are weighted baseballs good for training?

Dr. Coop Derenne is the foremost expert in this field and has published a number of research papers that indicate that weighted baseball training creates a significant increase in velocity for those training with underweighted and overweighted baseballs.

Do Weighted softballs work?

Studies that have shown significant improvements in throwing velocity used weighted balls no more than 20%, (6 ounce baseball), above the standard weight of a baseball, and 25%, (9 ounce softballs) greater than the standard weight of a softball.

Are weighted softballs good for pitching?

Weighted balls are a terrific way to increase pitching speed. Top notch programs like University of Alabama and James Madison University are using them in their workouts.

Should youth pitchers use weighted balls?

Although this study found velocity can be increased somewhat with a weighted ball program, injury rates increased significantly. If players desire to try weighted ball throwing, caution should be taken, especially by youth baseball players, before using weighted balls.

Does driveline make you throw harder?

The average pitcher who throws 85 mph or higher, according to Boddy, gains 2 to 3 mph after training at Driveline. As recently as five years ago, few had even heard of Driveline, but its influence now stretches across the game, from its bullpens to its coaching staffs to its front offices.

What are weighted softballs used for?

To help improve finger strength, use your weighted training softball for pitch snaps. The added weight can help increase resistance during training. Warming up can take less time, too, when using a weighted softball. Vogel says weighted balls can be effective warm-up tools at half your normal throwing distance.

How often should you throw weighted balls?

This can be performed 2x to 3x per week, for 6-8 weeks in the off-season. However, once you start throwing bullpens off the mound in preparation for the upcoming season, I’d start to taper this throwing plan. Warm up throws at 80% effort to get the arm loose.

Should you throw weighted balls?

This finding is alarming and something that everyone needs to understand if you use or recommend using weighted balls to develop pitching velocity. Throwing with weighted baseballs increases your external rotation rapidly by a lot. The heavier the ball, the more the range of motion increases.

How can I throw 90 mph?

A 1.5 power to weight ratio would be an accurate requirement for a pitcher to have the power to produce a 90+ mph fastball. I have seen pitchers with at least a 28 inch vertical who can do the same. I have never seen a pitcher with a vertical jump under 25 inches who can throw 90 mph.

Why do some pitchers throw harder than others?

Why do some pitchers throw harder than others? Because they have more external rotation after front foot strike, more forward trunk tilt, and they are able to generate more power with their muscular, skeletal, and chemical makeup, through the stretch-shortening cycle, during external rotation.