How can you tell a Parker 51?

How can you tell a Parker 51?

The imprint on the majority of these pens is at the end of the barrel, near the decorative “jewel”, all in one line. They may or may not have a “1” datecode after the imprint. Some collectors speculate that the ones without a datecode are really pre-production models from 1940.

Where were Parker 51 pens made?

In late 1947 Parker in Newhaven, UK, started to produce Vacumatic filler Parker “51”‘s, although no double jewelled pens were offered and the pens only came in the colours of India Black, Cedar Blue, Dove Grey and Cordovan Brown.

How much ink does a Parker 51 hold?

The volume is about 1.6 – 2 CC if liquid.

How much should a Parker 51 cost?

The new 51 arrives in two different versions: one with a steel nib and one with gold, priced at approximately $100 and $250, respectively. With so much discussion about how major pen companies are trying to drive the price of steel nib pens to the $250 price point, I actually expected these pens to cost twice as much.

How much did a Parker 51 cost?

The Parker “51” was an expensive pen. Even the basic model at $12.50 was considerably more expensive than the Parker Vacumatic Maxima model at $10.00. The average weekly wage for a factory worker in January 1941 was $26.64.

Is Parker a fountain pen?

Parker Pens: Parker Pens: Fountain Pens, Ballpoint, Rollerball & Gel Pens Pens, Ballpoint, Rollerball & Gel Pens.

What replaced the Parker 51?

In 1948, the ’51’ ink was withdrawn and replaced with “Superchrome” ink, also advertised for the ’51’ pen and its economy model, the Parker “21” as the ink would still harm other fountain pens.

Are Parker 51 fountain pens still made?

The Parker 51 was first released in the early 1940s, approximately 80 years ago. Vintage Parker 51s aren’t going to last forever, no matter how well made they are, and those that remain serviceable will (1) likely command higher prices going forward and (2) require more maintenance to actually remain serviceable.

Where can I find Parker Vacumatic 51 parts?

Parker 51 – See our 51, Vac, & Aerometric tools and 51 & Vac Parts on their respective ‘Tools’ and ‘Parts’ Pages. ITEM #6001: PARKER VACUMATIC 51 IN BURGUNDY WITH GOLD FILLED CAP AND TRIM. Fine nib. Date code “T7” with three dots under it. Cap pattern consists of (4) vertical lines grouped together.

When did Parker Blue Diamond filler come out?

Parker “51” Vacumatic Filler Blue Diamond Clip 1942-1947 Starting in 1942, all Parker “51” pens had the imprint up under the barrel clutch ring. During the first quarter of 1942, the imprint remained all in one line, just as the 1941 pens; Parker “51” Made in USA .2.

Is the Vacumatic on a 1942 Parker Pen?

With the exception of the colours it followed the design of the late, second generation long Major Vacumatics very closely. Some rare 1942 items actually have the Vacumatic imprint, the Vacumatic clip and a “stacked coin” cap band, usually found on the Vacumatics only, Some even have been found with both the Vacumatic and the Duofold imprint.

What’s the difference between Parker Vacumatic clips and blue diamond clips?

They actually resemble the Parker Vacumatic clips in use at the time. The blue diamond is larger than the later clips, and the enamel used is of a lighter blue color. In addition, the clips are plated over a brass base and are die struck, resulting in a negative image on the back.