How do I generate debug symbols in Xcode?

How do I generate debug symbols in Xcode?

First, make sure your Xcode project is configured to generate the debug symbols:

  1. Click on your project and select Build-Settings.
  2. In the search box, type “Debug Information Format”.
  3. Click on “Debug Information Format” and select “DWARF with dSYM File”

Where is the dSYM file located?

dSYM file automatically for you when you use the Archive option. The created archive contains your app and its dSYM and is stored in ~/Library/Developer/xcode/Archives .

What is Bcsymbolmap file?

.bcsymbolmap is a textual file with debug information and which is generated for decoding stack trace.

How do I create a dSYM file?

Get the dSYM file from Xcode

  1. In Xcode, run the Xcode build: Product > Build.
  2. View the log navigator: View > Navigators > Show Report Navigator.
  3. Click the log entry for the most recent build.
  4. Near the end of the log, find and mouse over the log entry named Generate .

How do debug symbols work?

Debug symbols typically include not only the name of a function or global variable, but also the name of the source code file in which the symbol occurs, as well as the line number at which it is defined. All of this additional information can take up quite a bit of space, especially the filenames and line numbers.

What is debug symbols in IOS?

Debug Symbols are additional information about your source code that are used to help debugging. See also this wikipedia article about debug symbols. They will not be submitted to the appstore as they are only part of debug-build while you only submit a release-build to the appstore.

What are .dSYM Files?

A dSYM file is a “debug symbols file”. It is generated when the “Strip Debug Symbols” setting is enabled in the build settings of your project. dSYM files will likely change each time your app is compiled (probably every single time due to date stamping), and have nothing to do with the project settings.

What is .dSYM file?

What is debugging symbols in GDB?

A Debugging Symbol Table maps instructions in the compiled binary program to their corresponding variable, function, or line in the source code. This mapping could be something like: Program instruction ⇒ item name, item type, original file, line number defined.

Why do I have a debug icon?

The most common causes for program or system crashes include corrupted files, corrupted Registry keys, and program incompatibility issues. The debug file may pop up on the desktop after an app or program crashes. It’s not exclusive to Windows 10 system crashes.

How do I find my dSYM UUID?

With the UUID of your app, you can find the dSYM with the mdfind command. Now that you have the location of the dSYM, you will find the actual dSYM file inside a Contents/Resources/DWARF subdirectory.

Why do I need a symbol path for my debugger?

This information frequently enables the debugger to find the symbol files automatically. If you are debugging a user-mode process on the computer where the executable was built, and if the symbol files are still in their original location, the debugger can locate the symbol files without you setting the symbol path.

What is the build phase path for Xcode?

CURRENT_VARIANT, CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR (Per-Configuration Build Products Path), CONFIGURATION_TEMP_DIR (Per-Configuration Intermediate File Path). Schema > Build phase. xcodebuild -configuration.

What are the default values in Xcode build?

By default, only the normal variant is produced. Other common values include debug and profile. Identifies the directory under which all the product’s files can be found. This directory contains either product files or symbolic links to them.

What does it mean to enable build rules in Xcode?

When enabled, this causes the compiler and linker to disallow use of APIs that are not available to app extensions and to disallow linking to frameworks that have not been built with this setting enabled. Enabling this setting will cause files in the target’s Copy Files build phases to be processed by build rules.