How do you contact Music Choice?

How do you contact Music Choice?

To subscribe to Music Choice Relax, call 1-800-746-4726. To subscribe to Music Choice Relax, call 1-866-247-2633.

How do you submit music to Music Choice?

How To Submit Your Music To Music Choice

  1. First thing’s first. Make sure your press kit is ready.
  2. Submit your best audio tracks. Mail your cd with your media kit to the following address:
  3. Submit your Best Music Videos.
  4. Submission Requirements.
  5. Michelle Aguilar has a strong passion and love for music – and it’s history.

How do I get out of Music Choice?

To unsubscribe from Music Choice Relax, call 1-800-746-4726. To unsubscribe from Music Choice Relax, call 1-866-247-2633. Please note that all billing inquiries and cancellations must be handled by your cable provider. Music Choice cannot cancel your subscription.

What happened Music Choice?

Montreal-based music service Stingray Group said it has abandoned its attempt to take over rival Music Choice, while at the same time announcing a carriage deal with cable operator Altice USA. Stingray made its unsolicited $120 million offer for Music Choice in August.

Is Music Choice relax free?

Currently, Cox and Comcast Xfinity users are eligible for a 7-day free trial of Music Choice Relax. To activate your free trial, use your remote on your TV provider’s On Demand menu or call your TV Provider’s toll-free number.

Is there a Music Choice app?

The Music Choice App for iOS and Android devices puts your music in the palm of your hand. Have FREE access to 75 commercial-free music channels and 25 streaming video channels with thousands of your favorite artists’ music videos and Music Choice Originals!

Why is Music Choice Not working?

Please try closing your app completely. Log back in and try again. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling, then reinstalling your app. If you’re still experiencing a bug, please contact us here.

What is Music Choice worth?

Music Choice has an estimated net worth of about $100 thousand.

How do you use music choice?

To access Music Choice Karaoke, use your voice remote to just say “Karaoke on Music Choice” and start singing! To subscribe to Music Choice Karaoke, call 1-866-247-2633. To start singing with Music Choice Karaoke, just go to your On Demand menu and choose your favorite song!

How much does music choice cost?

A Music Choice PLUS subscription starts at $10.99/month for one profile and can be upgraded to a larger plan depending on how many people are in your household. There’s a plan option for everyone! View more plan information and sign up for a 30 day free trial of Music Choice PLUS now at!

Can I get music choice in my car?

Smartphone and Bluetooth wireless technology have made it possible to stream your favorite Internet music stations to your car’s radio. The only problem is that, right now, only a handful of car companies have radios that can receive the Bluetooth signal.

Is the Music Choice app free?

Music Choice has a free TVE app available for download on Android, iOS, and Kindle.