How do you teach multiplying decimals?

How do you teach multiplying decimals?

To multiply decimals, first multiply as if there is no decimal. Next, count the number of digits after the decimal in each factor. Finally, put the same number of digits behind the decimal in the product.

How do you start teaching decimals?

Start by explaining whole number place values, like tens and hundreds. Describe decimals as “in-between” numbers with their own set of place values, including tenths and hundredths. Mention that decimals are related to fractions, and show your students how to convert one to the other.

What are the rules for multiplying decimals?

Here are the rules for multiplying decimal numbers: Multiply the numbers just as if they were whole numbers: Line up the numbers on the right–do not align the decimal points. Starting on the right, multiply each digit in the top number by each digit in the bottom number, just as with whole numbers.

How do you multiply decimals?

How to Multiply Decimals. Just follow these steps: Multiply normally, ignoring the decimal points. Then put the decimal point in the answer – it will have as many decimal places as the two original numbers combined. In other words, just count up how many numbers are after the decimal point in both numbers you are multiplying,…

What is dividing by decimals?

Dividing Decimals. Dividing a decimal number by another decimal number, is similar to just dividing the numbers without the decimal points.Here decimal point plays a significant role for it by determining how small or large the quotient is. The placement of the decimal point should be observed properly.

What is the definition for multiplying decimals?

Multiplying Decimals. Multiplying decimals is similar to multiplying whole numbers except for the placement of the decimal points. Multiplying decimals with whole numbers. Consider the product 3 × 1.5. This is equivalent to adding the decimal number 1.5 three times. That is, 1.5 + 1.5 + 1.5 = 4.5. The fraction-equivalent of the decimal 1.5 is 1510.