How many times did the Grateful Dead play Desolation Row?

How many times did the Grateful Dead play Desolation Row?

Grateful Dead Family Discography: Desolation Row. Desolation Row was first performed by the Grateful Dead in March 1986. It was played regularly in 1986 and 1987 but less commonly in subsequent years. It was performed for the last time in July 1995.

Is Desolation Row the best song ever?

Desolation Row is definitely one of his best. Though it stands on its own as poetry proper, it’s Dylan’s singing and Charlie McCoy’s flamenco-style guitar that makes it such a great recording.

Is Desolation Row a cover?

My Chemical Romance performed a cover of “Desolation Row” for the 2009 soundtrack of the film Watchmen….My Chemical Romance.

“Desolation Row”
Genre Punk rock
Length 3:01
Label Reprise, Warne Sunset
Songwriter(s) Bob Dylan

When was Desolation Row released?

Desolation Row/Released

Who wrote the song Desolation Row?

Bob Dylan
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What means Desolation Row?

Well desolation row is a place where people who do not fit into society (free thinkers and artists) go to live.

Who played harmonica on Desolation Row?

Dylan took the Desolation Row for the first time on 29 July 1965 with Harvey Brooks on bass and Al Kooper on Guitar . He himself played an acoustic guitar and harmonica. This first version was released but not until 2005 on the bootleg series vol.

Who covered Desolation Row?


Title Performer Release date
Desolation Row Bob Dylan August 30, 1965
Desolation Row Les Sauterelles 1966
Desolation Row Marc Ellington June 1969
Desolation Row Automatic Head Detonator 1994

What is the meaning of Ballad of a Thin Man?

Meaning. Dylan’s song revolves around the mishaps of a Mr. Jones, who keeps blundering into strange situations, and the more questions he asks, the less the world makes sense to him. Jones, Dylan was deadpan: “He’s a real person. You know him, but not by that name…

What album was Desolation Row on?

Highway 61 Revisited
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Is Charlie Mccoy married?

Pat McCoy
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Who was Bob Dylan’s Mr Jones?

Jeffrey Owen Jones
The figure who inspired the “Mr Jones” protagonist in Bob Dylan’s classic ‘Ballad Of A Thin Man’ has died. Jeffrey Owen Jones, a film professor at the Rochester Institute Of Technology, has been regularly identified as the subject of the song, which appeared on 1965’s ‘Highway 61 Revisited’.