How old was Kobe when he started his first NBA game?

How old was Kobe when he started his first NBA game?

18 years, 72 days old
3, 1996, Kobe Bryant made his NBA debut with the Los Angeles Lakers, beginning what would become an illustrious 20-year career. At 18 years, 72 days old, he became the youngest player to ever appear in an NBA game.

How old was Kobe 2005?


2006-07 LAL 28
2005-06 LAL 27
2004-05 LAL 26
2003-04 LAL 25

What did Kobe do in 2005?

Kobe Bryant was accused of raping a 19-year-old Colorado hotel concierge when he was 24. The case was supposed to go to a jury trial in August 2004, but the woman said she could no longer continue. A civil case was settled for an undisclosed sum in 2005.

Where did Vanessa Bryant grow up?

Huntington Beach
Bryant was born in Huntington Beach, California. She is of Mexican and Irish, English, German descent. Bryant attended St. Boniface Parochial School in 1996, and was a member of the varsity cheerleading squad before transferring to Marina High School.

Is Kobe Bryant the best basketball player ever?

Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players ever. There’s no denying that. He has five world championships, an MVP award, two scoring titles, 18 All Star appearances, is third all-time in points scored…you get the point.

What was the first team Kobe Bryant played on?

After starring at La Salle University , Bryant, a 6’9″ (2.07 m) forward, was drafted in the first round by the Golden State Warriors in 1975. Before the season started, though, he was dealt to his hometown team, the Philadelphia 76ers, with whom he played for four seasons.

How many NBA Finals has Kobe Bryant played in?

In his 20 seasons with the Lakers, Kobe Bryant played in seven NBA Finals and his teams won five championships. See Full Answer.

Does Kobe Bryant still play for the Lakers?

However, one day that many will never forget is the moment the world lost Kobe Bryant. The basketball player tragically lost his life on January 26, 2020, after being involved in a helicopter crash. The world is still healing from the news. Amazingly, it seems that Kobe Bryant’s presence will still be with the Lakers this season.