Is the specialized FSR XC Comp a good bike?

Is the specialized FSR XC Comp a good bike?

Specialized’s FSR XC Comp has a relatively light and refined design, sensibly spec and neutral manners. The suspension needs taming with the lockout lever, though and the brakes are a little enthusiastic for beginners. Nevertheless, this is a competent full-suspension bike with no real vices to worry about.

What kind of disc brakes does the specialized XC comp have?

Some of the key upgrades over last year’s XC Comp include: M4 tubing, RockShox Recon 335 Fork, XT rear derailleur, and Avid Juicy 3 hydraulic (!) disc brakes (185mm front rotor). After riding it for the first time today, I couldn’t be more satisfied.

How to find the correct size for a specialized bike?

With sizing varying between the type of bike and even the model, we’ve compiled a handy guide for Specialized Bikes to help you get the correct size… Our handy size charts match your height to the appropriate frame size so you need to be sure you’ve measured your height accurately. Take off your shoes and stand with your back against a wall.

Is the FSR XC rear shock good or bad?

Regarding the X-Fusion rear shock, I have an ’04 FSR XC which has a very basic X-Fusion model, (no adjustments or lockout other than air pressure). While it certainly doesn’t perform as well as a platform type shock, I also haven’t had any problems with it (knocks wood).. so far.

Is the FSR XC Comp a deal breaker?

Not ideal, but not a deal-breaker. A better fork would improve the FSR XC Comp – it’s a shame Specialized couldn’t find room in the budget for a decent air unit. Still, it’s a worthy classic, and well worth considering. The fact that the FSR chassis is so easy on the eye is no accident.

When did the specialized FSR trail bike come out?

And the Specialized delivers, although it’s held back slightly by a fork alien to the rough Specialized’s Stumpjumper FSR was one of the very first full-suss trail bikes, with a design heritage that dates back to the early ’90s.

What kind of fork does the specialized use?

The Specialized has a RockShox Tora fork, but it’s a custom SL version with an alloy steerer. That helps keep the weight down, but it worked just the same as the standard Toras.