What are nicknames for the police?

What are nicknames for the police?


  • deputy.
  • flatfoot.
  • fuzz.
  • lawman.
  • officer of the law.
  • patrolman.
  • patrolwoman.
  • peace officer.

What is Australian slang for police officer?

In some English speaking countries “demon” is a slang term for police officer and not even a particularly derogatory term. This is the case in both Australia and New Zealand. The term is listed on most online accounts of Australian slang like this one.

What do British people call police slang?

Bluebottle – The police from Cockney Slang. Cop, Coppa, or Copper – A police officer. Dibble – The name of a fictional police officer in the cartoon Top Cat. “Dibble” has been adopted as a British-English derogatory slang term for a police officer.

Is PoPo a bad word?

Renaming the force “PoPo” — which is slang for police — got mixed reactions, and some felt it was racist. Implying the community should “watch out for the PoPo” was a move some deemed insensitive in light of the controversy over police shootings, CBS Detroit reports.

What does Popo mean?

But one of the most popular slang terms for the local police today is “popo”. The word has its origins in 1980s southern California, where T-shirts bearing “PO” (“police officer”) worn by cops on bicycles would, with officers riding in pairs, spell out “POPO”.

What does PoPo mean?

Is Mr Popo a human?

Appearance. Mr. Popo takes the form of a short, plump humanoid. His distinguishing features include his markedly dark complexion, red lips, and pointy ears.

What is Popo slang for?

Renaming the force “PoPo” — which is slang for police — got mixed reactions, and some felt it was racist.

What is a skinner in jail?

Is also used as a prison slang term for someone charged with a sex crime (ie. skin beef), particularly a pedophile.

What are slang terms for police officer?

In the U.S., slang for the police (colletively) is “the cops,” and for a police officer, “a cop.”. In the past, they were called “the fuzz” or even “the pigs,” though those terms have gone out of style.

What are some means names for cops?

Bobby, Barney and Smokey the Bear are some slang words for police that are as old as the hills, or at least date back to when the first cop pulled the first speeding motorist over for breaking the law. Nicknames for cops are one of the constants of all countries.

What is the proper name to call a police officer?

Police officers are often referred to as cops, but the origins of this nickname are something of a debate. It is known that, up until the 1970s, “cop” was something of a slang term, and one would refer to law enforcement officials more properly as policemen.

What is the slang term for a policeman?

Bluebottle: A British term for policeman that may have derived from Cockney rhyming slang. ‘Bottle’ is an abbreviation of ‘bottle and glass’, which is rhyming slang for ‘arse’.