What are the models of the Suzuki GSXR?

What are the models of the Suzuki GSXR?

The only exceptions are the well-known Suzuki GSXR 600 GSXR 750. The four discontinued models are GSXR 50, GSXR 250, GSXR 400, GSXR 1100.

What’s the difference between the GSXR 1100 and 1000R?

The 1100cc GSXR 1100 is replaced by 1000cc GSXR 1000.There are five models in the existing lineup, which includes the two lighter versions, GSXR 125 and GSXR 150; the well-known GSXR 600 and GSXR 750; and the powerful GSXR 1000. GSXR 1000R is a variant of the original GSXR, which was produced simultaneously with the GSXR 1000.

When did the Suzuki GSXR 750 come out?

Get it in front of 160+ million buyers. The GSX-R series is a sports bike that has been produced by Suzuki since 1985. There are more than six different redesigns of the bike. If you’re looking for new or used models such as the GSXR 750 or GSXR 600 for sale, eBay has a wide selection available.

When did the first GSX-R motorcycle come out?

There are a few different generations of the GSX-R motorcycles. These include: The first bike was introduced in 1984 with SOHC and DOHC configurations. It used air-cooled in-line 4 engines. The second generation was launched in 1988 with a large cast and formed parts while retaining the original structure.

When did the Suzuki GSXR 1000R come out?

A GSXR 1000R model was introduced in 2017. It comes with a motion track brake system, bi-directional quick shifter and launch control. In the same year, the company also produced 125cc and 147.3cc GSX-R 125 and GSX-R 150 bikes.

When was the 40th anniversary of the Suzuki GSX?

Special edition Suzuki GSX-R600Z 2003, commemorating American Suzuki’s 40th anniversary. Team Suzuki Alstare World SuperSport color scheme and graphics with gold-colored wheels. American Suzuki 40th Anniversary logo on upper triple clamp.

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