What does Suay mean?

What does Suay mean?

suay (comparative more suay, superlative most suay) (Singapore, colloquial, Singlish) unlucky, unfortunate quotations ▼

What does Suay mean in Singapore?

Causing embarrassment or disgrace
Adjective. sia suay (comparative more sia suay, superlative most sia suay) (Singapore, colloquial, Singlish) Causing embarrassment or disgrace to others.

How do you say bad luck in Hokkien?

Suay Hokkien. Unlucky. Sup sup sui Cantonese. Something that is insignificant or easy to do.

What is Du Lan?

Du lan is a very common hokkien expletive that is used to express that one is pissed off with something.

What does narak Mak mean?

so cute
narak mak mak means ‘so cute’ in Thai.

What does Mak Mak mean in Thai?

Reviewed 14 October 2010. aroi mak mak means delicious in Thai.

What does SIA SIA mean in Chinese?

– “sia/siao” – used in expressing disapproval, siao = more crude, ‘crazy’

What is Hong Gan?

Hong Kan (Liao) What it means: It literally translates to “screw a dog,” and used to express extreme disappointment, anger, and the fact that everything is going wrong.

What does Pai Tao mean?

i do not know. Last Update: 2021-01-13. Usage Frequency: 1. Not sure.

What is hao lian in Chinese?

Used to describe someone who is boastful; a show-off or a bragger. ‘Hao Lian’ means ‘boastful’ in Teochew.

What does Hao Lian mean?

‘Hao Lian’ means ‘boastful’ in Teochew.

What does Tai Sui stand for in Chinese?

Tai Sui is a Chinese term for the stars directly opposite the planet Jupiter (木星 Mùxīng) during its roughly 12-year orbital cycle.

What do you mean when you say Huaxia in Chinese?

Huaxia is a historical concept representing the Chinese nation and civilization. It came forth out of a self-awareness of the Han Chinese people towards their ancestral tribes, collectively known as the Huaxia. So, while this may sound similar to 汉语 or 国语, this word is often used by Chinese speakers that are not in China.

What do they say about Soya in Chinese?

Soya is meant to be very good for you, or so they say. It is said that babies look like their fathers at birth. They say you should eat at least five portions of fruit or vegetables a day. My watch says three o’clock. 我的表是3点钟。

Which is the correct way to Say Say in Chinese?

How to say say in Chinese. say. Chinese Translation. 说. Shuō. More Chinese words for say. 说 verb. Shuō speak, tell, talk, persuade, convince.