What is a good score on WorkKeys?

What is a good score on WorkKeys?

If your lowest level score is 3 then you qualify for Bronze, 4 qualifies you for Silver, 5 for Gold, and 6 for Platinum. You must score a 3 or higher on each core assessment to qualify for a certificate.

How do I find my WorkKeys score?

What does the ACT WorkKeys NCRC tell employers?

  1. On the front of the certificate you will see the level earned and a 9 digit registration number.
  2. On the back of the certificate you will find the actual WorkKeys assessment scores earned and the skills verified for each of the assessments completed.

What does my WorkKeys score mean?

WorkKeys scores help you compare your skills to the skills real jobs require. Employers across the country require the WorkKeys assessments or recommend that applicants acquire the National Career Readiness Certificate. These scores help employers choose the most qualified candidates for their job openings.

What is the highest level on the WorkKeys test?

Platinum Level
Of these, 2,216 are Bronze, 5,161 Silver, 2,619 Gold, and 67 have earned the Platinum Level NCRC, which is the newest and highest level attainable. The Platinum Level requires scores of at least Level 6 on all three WorkKeys tests.

Is the WorkKeys test hard?

Many adults have difficulty with the math portion of the WorkKeys test. By taking practice tests, pinpointing weaknesses, brushing up on skills that need work, and seeking one-on-one help if needed, passing the math portion of WorkKeys can lead to a promising career.

Is WorkKeys timed?

Each standard time WorkKeys assessment is 55 minutes. Be sure to allow examinees the appropriate amount of time to complete each test.

What does a platinum WorkKeys score mean?

Platinum Signifies an individual has scored at least a Level 6 on each of the three assessments. WorkKeys® Test Development and Administrative Standards. WorkKeys assessments are administered in both paper/pencil and computer-based format at secure test locations across the United States.

How many times can you take WorkKeys test?

They are available for five years following the completion of an assessment and there is no limit to how many can be ordered. Additionally, test takers can pick and choose which assessments they want to show on their transcripts to their employers or potential employers.

What is the average score on WorkKeys?

Scores for Foundational Skill Assessments

Skill Range for Scale Scores Range for Level Scores
Applied Technology 65-90 <3-6
Business Writing N/A <1-5
Teamwork 65-90 <3-6
Workplace Observation N/A <1-5

What if you fail the WorkKeys test?

No. If you fail a section you may take that section over. You will have to wait 48 hours to re-schedule and you must pay $10.00 per section. If you fail for a 2nd time you must wait 1 week and Athena reccomends that you receive remediation/tutoring from an outside source.

Do you have to pass the WorkKeys?

WorkKeys® is a test to determine your readiness for the workplace, in general, so the job you seek or want to keep will vary. To pass the test, you must score a 3, but higher scores might be required for some jobs and by some employers.

Is WorkKeys test hard?

What does a WorkKeys score mean?

WORKKEYS SCORE means qualifying scores on the WORKKEYS job skills assessment test . In the event the WORKKEYS job skills assessment test is superseded, becomes too expensive to administer or goes out of general use, the department shall specify by rule and regulation a replacement test to be used;

What is a Workkeys Assessment test?

The WorkKeys Assessment is a standardized testing program designed by ACT, the same organization that tests high school students for college aptitude. Employers use the test to screen job applicants and help make promotion decisions.

What are the ACT WorkKeys tests?

The WorkKeys Test Types Applied Math. The Applied Math assessment tests your critical thinking skills, your mathematical reasoning abilities, and your capacity to solve problems, concerning common workplace scenarios. Graphic Literacy. Workplace Documents. Applied Technology. Business Writing. Workplace Observation. Fit Assessment. Talent Assessment.

What is on the ACT WorkKeys?

ACT WorkKeys consists of three elements: Job skill assessments, which are designed to measure foundational and personal skills as they apply to the workplace. Job analysis, which pinpoints or estimates skill benchmarks for specific job positions that individuals must meet through testing.