What is Nova NHT?

What is Nova NHT?

Maintaining a French beard or clean shaven look is now going to fun and easy with this Nova rechargeable trimmer. The trimmer has a high grade stainless steel blade with rounded tips that make them friendly on your skin. The crystal mirror finish gives the trimmer a stylish look in your bathroom. 1 Trimmer, 3 clips.

Is Nova NHT 1052 Good?

Best in the market! This product is NOVA NHT – 1052 is a very good trimmer and if you but this NOVA NHT – 1052 trimmer your money is not waste. And it’s value of money.

Can I use normal battery in trimmer?

You can use ordinary AA battery (cell) IN EMERGENCY also.

How do I know my Nova trimmer is fully charged?

The red light will always be on during charging. The trimmer should be fully charged after a few hours. If it does not hold the charge, then the battery does need to be replaced.

Which model of Nova trimmer is best?

1. Nova NHT-1071 Trimmer

  • Nova NHT 1091 Trimmer for Men. © Amazon India.
  • Nova NHT 1072 Trimmer For Men. © Amazon India.
  • Nova NHT 1070 Trimmer. © Snapdeal.
  • Nova NHT 1046 Beard Trimmer. © Amazon India.
  • Nova NS-216 Professional Trimmer For Men. © Amazon India.
  • Nova NHT 1089 Trimmer for Men. © Amazon India.

Which trimmer is best in Nova?

Nova trimmer online shopping India is the only way to buy the best product at the best price….Nova Trimmer Price in India.

Best Nova Trimmer Models Price
Nova NHT-1045 Cordless Trimmer ₹359
Nova NHT 1046 Trimmer ₹359
Nova NHT-1076 Cordless Trimmer ₹399
Nova NG1175 Multi Grooming Kit ₹1595

Which Nova trimmer is best?

Which is the best trimmer under 1000?

Trimmer Under 1000 Price List

Best Trimmer Under 1000 Price List Models Price
Philips QT4001 Trimmer ₹975
Philips BT-1210 Cordless Trimmer ₹819
Nova NHT-1087 Trimmer ₹809
Syska HT-100 Trimmer ₹763

Which is the best trimmer for men?

Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear Price List

Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear PRICE (RS)
Philips Men BT3101/15 Series 3000 Beard Trimmer – White Rs. 1300
WAHL Men Moser 1400 Shaver – Maroon Rs. 2125
Nova Men NHT-1076 Cordless Trimmer – Black Rs. 539
Philips Men BT3221/15 Series 3000 Corded & Cordless Titanium Blade Beard Trimmer – Black Rs. 2155

Can I use Nova trimmer while charging?

Yes you can use it while charging.

Can we wash Nova trimmer with water?

Helping you do this is this Nova trimmer….NOVA Prime Series NHT 1085 Runtime: 45 min Trimmer for Men (Black)

Brand NOVA
Water Resistant Yes
Washable Head Yes
Features Rechargeable, Easy to Clean

Is Nova trimmer a Chinese company?

NOVA TRIMMER (Made IN China) Very Unique durable .