What is the meaning of in my darkest hour?

What is the meaning of in my darkest hour?

Burton’s death was the inspiration for this song, but the lyrics are not directly about him, as the song is about remaining true to your friends and being there in their time of need. Mustaine didn’t get a lot of support from his family, and also felt betrayed by Metallica when they kicked him out of the band.

What is a dark hour?

The Dark Hour occurs for an hour every night as a time anomaly that takes place during 12:00 AM, and serves as the 25th hour hidden between one day and the next. As the phenomenon takes place, non-Persona users are transmogrified into coffins and remember nothing that happens during the Dark Hour once they awaken.

Is in my darkest hour about Metallica?

“In My Darkest Hour” was written by Mustaine shortly after the death of Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. Mustaine had found out through word of mouth, as his former band mates never contacted him about the tragic event that occurred in Europe.

Why does the Dark Hour exist?

The fragmented Shadows went berserk, destroying the lab and everyone within it. This, in turn, made a significant impact on the time continuum, creating the Dark Hour. A tower soon emerged from the ruins of the lab. This was Tartarus, considered to be the lair of Shadows.

Who wrote the darkest hour?

Anthony McCarten
Darkest Hour/Screenplay

What’s the longest Metallica song?

Mercyful Fate (song)
Mercyful Fate is the Disc 1 seventh track from 1998’s album Garage, Inc. It was written by King Diamond and Hank Shermann, and has a length of 11:10. It’s the longest Metallica song featuring in a studio album.

Did Dave Mustaine write Ride the Lightning solo?

Ride the Lightning – Mustaine wrote a single riff that appears before Hammet’s solo. The D-minor progression of the song was later used in Megadeth’s “Hangar 18”, and the chord used just after the intro riff closes the Megadeth song “Foreclosure of a Dream”.

What album is angry again on?

Last Action Hero
Angry Again/Album