Where is Balderson cheese manufactured?

Where is Balderson cheese manufactured?

Balderson Cheddar is a made by the Balderson Cheese Company in Winchester, Ontario. Balderson is respected as a quality maker of Cheddar cheese in Canada.

What kind of cheese is balderson?

We make Balderson Cheddars with a perfect combination of fresh Ottawa Valley milk, our own bacterial culture, our own rennet and a century-long tradition of cheese making techniques. None of these factors can be duplicated by any other cheese company, and the result is a truly singular Cheddar.

What is there to do in Balderson Ontario?

The Best Attractions In Balderson

  • Balderson Village Cheese.
  • Bon Echo Provincial Park.
  • Stewart Park.
  • River Rafting & Tubing.
  • Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum.
  • Upper Canada Village.
  • Bonnechere Caves.

Is Balderson pasteurized?

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, microbial enzyme, bacterial culture.

Is Balderson cheddar good?

1. Balderson Royal Canadian Cheddar (aged 2 years) is the perfect balance between classic cheddar flavour and the secondary sharp taste from aging. With a rich body, creamy texture, and slightly acidic aroma, it pairs well with fruit and full-bodied red wine.

Is Sharp cheddar same as old?

Aging is the only difference between mild and sharp Cheddars. The longer cheese is aged naturally, the sharper and more pronounced the Cheddar flavor becomes. Mild Cheddar cheese is generally aged for 2 to 3 months, whereas an extra sharp might be aged for as long as a year.

Does Balderson cheese melt well?

Usage: Available in both white and coloured varieties. Very versatile for snacks, recipes and entertaining. Ideal for shredding, slicing, cubing, melting, grating and cheese trays.

What county is Chesterville in?

The township was incorporated on January 1, 1998, by amalgamating the former townships of Mountain and Winchester with the independent villages of Chesterville and Winchester….North Dundas, Ontario.

North Dundas
Coordinates: 45°05′N 75°21′WCoordinates: 45°05′N 75°21′W
Country Canada
Province Ontario
County Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry

How old is Balderson old cheddar?

14-18 months
Balderson Extra Old Cheddar is aged 14-18 months to develop a stronger secondary sharpness. With a slightly drier and more crumbly texture, this clean cheddar flavour and slightly acidic aroma pairs well with crisp white wines, most young red wines, as well as beer, ales and lagers.

How old is Balderson extra old cheese?

EXTRA OLD CHEDDAR Age: 14 – 18 months. Taste: Full, pleasant cheddar flavour.

What is the best sharp cheddar cheese?

The best cheddar cheeses to buy

  1. Kerrygold Aged Cheddar.
  2. Cabot Vermont Sharp Cheddar.
  3. Cabot Sharp Light Natural Vermont Cheddar, 50% Reduced Fat.
  4. 365 Everyday Value Organic Sharp Cheddar.
  5. Tillamook Medium Cheddar.
  6. Organic Valley Raw Sharp Cheddar.
  7. Sargento Medium Cheddar Slices.
  8. Great Value Medium Cheddar.

Is the cheese still made at Balderson village?

Many varieties of cheese and gourmet food products are sold here, including Balderson cheddars, but the same products are also available elsewhere in local shops and grocery stores, usually for a better price. They should change the name of this place as people expect that the cheese is still made here, but it isn’t.

What to see and do in Balderson village?

Also, there are many food products plus a great gift shop and furniture store in the annex. Lots to see and explore while savoring your ice cream. Visited this gourmet cheese shop in Balderson which also features a furniture shop in the same building. Nice furniture but very expensive.

Where did the village of Balderson corners get its name?

Originally called “Balderson Corners,” this village was named after Sergeant John Balderson, who served with the 76th regiment under the Duke of Wellington. Born in Lincoln, England, in 1783, Sargeant Balderson set sail for the New World when the regiment was disbanded, and was the first settler on this one-hundred acre property in 1816.

How old is the cheese from Forfar dairy?

Forfar Dairy supports small local factories who supply aged cheddar cheeses in large blocks from five years old to new extra fresh cheddar. Forfar Dairy cuts and packages on site for retail sale. Fresh curds are also delivered five days a week and packaged for sale to guarantee freshness.