Where is Blankenese treppenviertel in Hamburg Germany?

Where is Blankenese treppenviertel in Hamburg Germany?

The Blankenese Treppenviertel offers its residents a delightful view of the Elbe and of the passing ships. Blankenese is one of the most famous Elbe suburbs. The former fishing and pilot village to the west of Hamburg is located right on the Elbe and is a popular destination and residential area for wealthy citizens of Hamburg.

What to do in Blankenese Hamburg, Germany?

Beer gardens are perfect for a break on the Süllberg terraces, and once you’ve managed the descent to the Elbe beach, a magnificent stroll along the waterfront awaits. More information on Blankenese can be found here. Under Danish rule for much of its history before becoming an independent German city, Altona only joined Hamburg in 1937.

How many steps is the trepperviertel in Hamburg?

The quarter has approximately 5,000 steps, including the Strandtreppe (lit. ‘beach staircase’), which has 170 steps. Tours around the Trepperviertel will lead you along Wilhelminian style houses and the church by the market square, through parks, and up and down enough staircases that you can count it as your workout for the day.

Where is the town of Blankenese in Germany?

Blankenese (German pronunciation ) is a suburban quarter in the borough of Altona in the western part of Hamburg, Germany; until 1938 it was an independent municipality in Holstein.

Where are the football clubs in Blankenese located?

The football clubs of SV Blankenese (founded in 1903) and FTSV Komet Blankenese (founded 1907) have a long tradition in the quarter. A local office of the main district office Altona called Customer Centre Blankenese is located at Erik Blumenfeld Platz.

How many times do you have to go through Blankenese?

The streets of Blankenese are usually included in the course several times, as the drivers have to go across the notorious hill of Waseberg, which is also located in the quarter, three times. It is the main difficulty within the race.