Who sang at the inauguration 2013?

Who sang at the inauguration 2013?

Beyoncé performs the Star-Spangled Banner at President Barack Obama’s 2013 Inauguration Ceremony.

Who sang at last at Obama’s inauguration?

The Obamas danced their first song as Beyoncé Knowles serenaded them with her rendition of the Glenn Miller classic “At Last”.

Who performed at Obama’s inauguration 2013?

Vocalist Beyoncé concluded the ceremony with a performance of the United States national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

When did Beyonce sing at the inauguration?

Jan. 21, 2013
See Beyoncé, Ricky Martin, Aretha Franklin bring their A-game to past inaugurations. Beyoncé sings the national anthem at President Barack Obama’s ceremonial swearing-in on Jan. 21, 2013.

Do reelected presidents have inaugurations?

During this ceremony, some 72 to 78 days after the presidential election, the president takes the presidential oath of office. The inauguration takes place for each new presidential term, even if the president is continuing in office for a second term.

What singers performed for Obama?


Performer(s) / Speaker(s) Act
Usher, Stevie Wonder, and Shakira “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder
Samuel L. Jackson Referencing Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr.
U2 “Pride (In the Name of Love)” and “City of Blinding Lights”
Barack Obama Speech: Voices Calling for Change

Who sang the national anthem at Barack Obama?

singer Beyonce
The singer Beyonce sang the Star-Spangled Banner to hundreds of thousands of people in Washington DC at the inauguration ceremony of President Barack Obama.

Who sang Star Spangled Banner the best?

Whitney Houston
1. Whitney Houston. As far as national anthem performances go, few can top this one by Whitney from the Super Bowl in 1991.