Why do you have high elbow catch when swimming freestyle?

Why do you have high elbow catch when swimming freestyle?

A high elbow means we keep a slimmer profile in the water, creating less resistance to swim against. Less drag = more speed. A high elbow starts the pull faster. When you pull with a high elbow you anchor yourself in the water sooner.

What is a high elbow catch in swimming?

The high elbow is achieved with a vertically positioned hand and forearm that establish the “catch” in swimming. For the triathlete, a high elbow catch produces greater propulsion potential by increasing the amount of water the fingers, hand, forearm and upper (inside) arms can hold.

What is the proper elbow position when performing freestyle?

It’s true that during the freestyle recovery (while the arm is above the water) your elbow should be the highest point of your arm and your wrist and shoulder should make up the two base anchor points along the surface of the water.

Why are high elbows important in swimming?

The high elbow catch is one of the most important movements a swimmer makes. A strong, high elbow catch sets the body up for an effective pulling motion. A better pull automatically carries the swimmer through the water further and faster. Pulling more water in each stroke all starts with a proper entry in the catch.

What is the catch position in freestyle?

The catch refers to the initial phase of your freestyle stroke, in which your hand enters the water and begins the underwater part of your stroke. Often the catch is also referred to the initiation of your pull phase. The way you perform your catch influences the rest of your freestyle stroke.

What is high elbow recovery?

A high elbow recovery will reduce unnecessary sideways movement which will diminish energy expenditure in the shoulders and torso. Having a proper recovery will also allow a proper hand entry. A high elbow will allow your hand, wrist and forearm to slide or slip into the water just above your head.

Can you swim freestyle without a high elbow catch?

You can have the world’s greatest freestyle kick, powerful hip rotation into your stroke, and a picture-perfect arm recovery, but without the foundation of a powerful catch everything else falls apart. To swim freestyle with exceptional technique, a high elbow catch is everything.

Which is the best way to swim freestyle?

Most Masters swimmers were taught to swim freestyle with the classic high elbow recovery, in which their elbows stay high with their fingertips just skimming over the surface of the water as their hand travels forward. You can use this technique when the open water you’re swimming in is calm.

Why is it important to Keep Your Elbow high during swimming?

The first is as the swimmer enters the water, if they drop the elbow into that position there, then they don’t catch the water with their hand and their forearm. So it’s really important as you enter that you keep your elbow nice and high in that position there and then press over as you go into the water.

What’s the best way to get a high elbow catch?

Head up freestyle (start with fins). This drill has a few benefits—it will force you to kick like a champ to give your head above water, and it will establish a high elbow catch otherwise you will you sink in the water.