Can you visit the City of the Dead?

Can you visit the City of the Dead?

Buy a voucher for any of our tours – yourself, family, friends or foes. Then you can use it on any future tour, whenever you like. Purchase them on the booking page. Our tours have now been increased to 36 persons per tour.

What is the best Edinburgh Underground Tour?

Best Edinburgh Underground Ghost Tours – Free Haunted Walks

  • The Real Mary King’s Close.
  • City of The Dead Tours.
  • Mercat Ghost Tours.
  • Auld Reekie Tours.
  • The Free Ghost Tour.
  • City of Edinburgh Tours.
  • Edinburgh Dungeon.

Is the underground city open in Edinburgh?

Hidden beneath the streets and bridges of Edinburgh, are several underground closes and chambers. Closed off to the public for hundreds of years, these places remained frozen in time, just waiting to be rediscovered. Today, some of them have been excavated and re-opened.

What is the underground street in Edinburgh?

While going about a regular day in Edinburgh, you may not notice any clues as to what lies beneath the cobbled streets. Beneath bus wheels and the whirring of car engines are a series of vaults hundreds of years old. These are the Blair Street Underground Vaults and they are located below the city’s South Bridge.

What were the Edinburgh Vaults used for?

For around 30 years, the vaults were used to house taverns, workshops for cobblers and other tradesmen, as well as storage space for said merchants.

Does Edinburgh have a tube?

Subway and Tram services in Scotland Glasgow’s subway system and Edinburgh’s tram route offer passengers additional public transport options in Scotland’s two biggest cities.

Is Edinburgh built on top of another city?

A Hill of a City Like another famous city, Edinburgh is said to be situated on seven hills, but the one hill that figures into this topic is Castle Rock. This old volcanic plug towers majestically above the surrounding city with sheer sides on three of its four faces.

Why did they build over Edinburgh?

During the 17th century, Edinburgh’s Old Town was suffering from major overcrowding. The 17th-century city authorities were worried about losing trade to Edinburgh’s New Town, so they decided to build a grand new Royal Exchange.

What to do in Edinburgh underground city of the dead?

Search below for open businesses that are Good to Go (COVID-safe). Or check the latest restrictions. Descend into a section of Edinburgh’s legendary Underground City, where a population once lived in utter misery. Forgotten for centuries and only recently unsealed, this part of the vaults is known as Damnation Alley .

Is there a book about the underground city of the dead?

Its story is brought vividly to life in the book The Town Below The Ground: Edinburgh’s Legendary Underground City. Signed copies are available after the tour. The South Bridge Vaults. They’re darker than you think.

Where are the most haunted places in Edinburgh?

And we have sole access to two of the word’s most haunted locations – Damnation Alley in Edinburgh’s legendary ‘Underground City’ and the Covenanter’s Prison in Greyfriars Graveyard.

How old do you have to be to go city of the dead?

You join City of the Dead tours at your own risk. Not suitable for under 12’s, pregnant women, anyone with a heart condition or difficulty walking. Anyone under the influence will be turned away. No stag or hen parties. No dogs