Do dash and Ingrid end up together?

Do dash and Ingrid end up together?

This is the relationship between Ingrid Beauchamp and Dash Gardiner. They were going to be in-laws as Dash and Freya were supposed to get married in Season 1, but Freya ended their relationship on their wedding day….

Ingrid and Dash
Portrayed by Eric Winter and Rachel Boston

What happens to Wendy in Witches of East End?

Wendy being killed by 1906 Ingrid. Unburied – The episode starts with Wendy being tied up in a chair and being tortured by an unknown person. It is then revealed that the unknown person is Ingrid who kills Wendy by using a spell to reach into her heart and taking one of her nine lives.

Who are the main characters in Witches of East End?

Freya Eilif Beauchamp is a main character in Witches of East End and a very powerful witch. She is the daughter of Joanna and Victor, twin sister of Frederick, younger sister of Ingrid, and niece of Wendy .

Who is Freya in love with in Witches of East End?

Freya then tells Ingrid that she is in love with both Dash and Killian. When Wendy walks in she and Freya instantly connect but Ingrid starts to act weird and walks out. Wendy, Freya and Joanna then go to the farmers market where Wendy reveals that she can read aura’s like Freya.

How did the Witches of the east end die?

In the 17th century, Vidar, a friend of Joanna’s handed the girls over to Witch hunters who then burned both sisters at the stake. Due to Joanna’s reaction, this could be assumed as their first death. In 1720, Freya was killed by coming in to contact with Ramus Moritum. In 1875, during her birthday, she was impaled.

Who is Killian in Witches of East End?

In the basement Freya is trying to practice her magic but Killian walks in and tells her that Rodger hired him. Killian tells her that he needs the money to get to his next destination but she tells him that she thinks that him working there isn’t a good idea.