Does Lancet allow co-first authors?

Does Lancet allow co-first authors?

However, The Lancet does not recognise co-first authorship in reference lists. Our automated university research profiles also fail to recognise co-first authorship. In addition, the value of co-first authorship as an academic achievement is unclear in the context of hiring and promotion.

How do you indicate joint first authorship?

Traditionally, co-first authors are indicated by an asterisk and the order of the individuals is the decision of the PI. Once the paper is published, it appears in print as follows: co-Author 1*, co-Author 2*, Author 3, and Author 4.

Can there be two first authors?

Shared co-first authorship is defined as two or more authors who have worked together on a publication and contributed equally [8]. Some journals publish articles in which shared coauthorship is described, making it easy to determine author contribution.

How do you cite multiple authors first?

To avoid ambiguity, when the in-text citations of multiple works with three or more authors shorten to the same form, write out as many names as needed to distinguish the references, and abbreviate the rest of the names to “et al.” in every citation. This guidance is the same as in the 6th edition.

Is first or last author better?

The first author should be that person who contributed most to the work, including writing of the manuscript. It is common practice to have the senior author appear last, sometimes regardless of his or her contribution. The senior author, like all other authors, should meet all criteria for authorship.

Does The Lancet charge to publish?

No subscription or pay-per-view charges apply to any content published in The Lancet Global Health. If all authors are from group A countries of the Health Inter Network Access to Research Initiative (HINARI), they will automatically be presented with a full fee waiver.

Do second author papers count?

It’s always good to have another paper, even if you are second author. A hiring or review committee may ask you to describe your own contribution to the paper. As long as you can do that honestly and point to some substantive contribution to the paper, it will be to your benefit.

Can you use et al for 3 authors?

Once an in-text citation has been mentioned one time, all subsequent citations to a work with three or more authors should consist of the surname of the first author followed by et al. 3. Many writers use et al. However, it should not be italicized when you are using it as part of a reference.

Can I use et al with three authors?

If the work has four or more authors/editors the abbreviation ‘et al. ‘ should be used after the first author’s name. It is also acceptable to use ‘et al. ‘ after the first author if the work has three authors.

Is senior author first or last?

It is common practice to have the senior author appear last, sometimes regardless of his or her contribution. The senior author, like all other authors, should meet all criteria for authorship.

Does being first author matter?

Thus, the first name in an author list is the most sought-after position in a scientific publication. However, sometimes multiple authors may have contributed equally, in which case the order of author names does not matter, and you can inform the journal editor of this.

What is the most respected medical journal?

The most prestigious medical journals – sorted by their most recent impact factor

  • 1) CA – A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. ISSN:1542-4863.
  • 2) New England Journal of Medicine.
  • 3) The Lancet.
  • 4) Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology.
  • 5) Nature Reviews Cancer.
  • 6) Nature Reviews Immunology.
  • 7) Nature.
  • 8) Nature Reviews Disease Primers.

What do authors have to disclose in the Lancet?

Authors may be required to provide the journal with any such agreements in confidence. • At the end of the text, under a subheading “Declaration of interests”, all authors must disclose any financial and personal relationships with other people or organisations, even if it does not directly relate to the submitted work.

Are there any cases of joint first authorship?

The change we are implementing does not include joint authorship beyond joint first authorship because general joint authorship comes in many flavors. For example, there are cases of joint “senior/corresponding” authorship that typically include 2–3 authors.

When to use bold lettering for joint first authors?

Our Instructions to Authors now asks contributing authors to use bold lettering for all last names and initials of the joint first authors of manuscripts they cite that include ≥2 joint first authors.

How many papers have a joint senior author?

During the 12-month period we examined, we counted 14 of 290 papers (4.8%) that had joint senior authorship. There are also examples of joint authorship whereby the second and third, or the second, third, and fourth authors are listed as joint authors.