How do I reset my spa control panel?

How do I reset my spa control panel?

How to Reset a Spa Heater

  1. Locate the spa’s high-limit reset. This is a red button found on many spa packs.
  2. Press the high-limit reset button.
  3. Turn on your spa and observe its operation.
  4. Flip the breaker panel switch on or press the reset button on the GFCI outlet to restore power.

Is there a reset button on my hot tub?

Is there a reset button on a hot tub? Hot tub control panels do not have reset buttons, but their spa heaters can be reset using a button. In order to fully reset the control panel, users should manually turn it off or unplug it and wait 10 to 20 seconds.

How do I turn my spa lock off?

To deactivate the SPA LOCK, press the LIGHT minus (-) and TEMP minus (-) buttons at the same time and hold them down until the word SPA and the lock symbol are no longer illuminated on the display (approximately two seconds).

How do you unlock the Sundance spa control panel?

Press DISPLAY, MODE and (down) button within 3 seconds to unlock panel.

How do I know if my spa pump is bad?

Symptoms of Spa Pump Failure There are several signs of hot tub pump failure: Humming noise from motor not turning, frozen shaft, bearings or impeller, or defective starting capacitor. Whining noise from worn bearings. Leaks under the pump from a failure of the pump seals.

How do I know if my hot tub circuit board is bad?

When your hot tub or spa is not working like it should, the circuit board is one of the first things to check. If it turns out it is working fine, then you can move on to other systems in your hot tub. The first thing to do, just like with your old personal computer, is to turn off the spa and turn it back on.

What is spa control?

Spa Pure Spa Control is a multi purpose additive that is a shock treatment, pH lock, alkalinity balance, calcium balance, clarifier and softener in one. Its compatible with all sanitizers, ozone and mineral purifiers.

What does code SL mean on hot tub?

Sleep mode
SL: Sleep – Sleep mode will only allow the spa to heat within 20 degrees of the set temperature.