How many models are in Sonic Adventure DX?

How many models are in Sonic Adventure DX?

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Where do you find Amy in Sonic Adventure?

Amy begins her Adventure in Station Square, just as Sonic meets her in her story. To get to Twinkle Park you need to follow the same pattern Sonic did. First go to the Casino area to meet Sonic, then go to Twinkle Park. C: Get to the Balloon. B: Reach the Balloon with at least 50 rings. A: Beat the time limit to the Balloon.

What are the hidden games in Sonic Adventure?

A hidden Chao Puzzle game will appear on the VMS screen. It is a tile based puzzle game where you have to use the Dreamcast’s controller to move the pieces of a moving picture around to win. After every five puzzles you solve, a little animation will play on the VMS screen.

Where do you get rings in Sonic Adventure?

While playing with Knuckles and have the Silver knuckle gloves, goto a place where you can dig and in most places (especially places with plants) you can uncover up to 20 rings. To get to the Frog and the Emerald as Tails in one step do as fallows.

How to make a Chao in Sonic Adventure DX?

First, go to a Chao garden and find a likely candidate. Nurture his racing abilities by feeding him fruit and giving him animal role models to learn from. You see, Chao take on the abilities of nearby animals. Strong animals improve a Chao’s strength, fast animals upgrade its running speed, and so on.

Where do you find Game Gear in Sonic Adventure DX?

All 12 of Sonic’s Game Gear games (such as the Japan-only Sonic Drift) are hidden in DX. Complete 10 missions or collect one Sonic Emblem to unlock a new Game Gear minigame. After you unlock the first one, Sonic the Hedgehog, a Minigame Collection option will appear on the Main menu. Raise and race Chao for fun and profit!