How much is Alexander Arnold paid?

How much is Alexander Arnold paid?

Current Contract Trent Alexander-Arnold signed a 4 year / £37,440,000 contract with the Liverpool F.C., including an annual average salary of £9,360,000. In 2021, Alexander-Arnold will earn a base salary of £9,360,000, while carrying a cap hit of £9,360,000.

How old is Trent Alexander Arnold of Liverpool?

22 years (October 7, 1998)
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What is Trent Alexander Arnold weekly wage?

2021 Active Roster

Player (30) Pos. Weekly Salary
Fabinho Tavares M £100,000
Diogo Jota F £90,385
Xherdan Shaqiri M £80,000
Tren Alexander-Arnold D £75,000

Why do footballers get paid so much?

Players are being paid increasingly high wages because the clubs are making more money than ever. As a result of globalisation and technological advances such as the pay TV market, football has become more popular and so more profitable. The demand for players would drop and so would their wages.

Where is Trent Alexander Arnold?

Liverpool F.C.#66 / Defender
England national football team#22 / Defender
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Who is highest paid player at Man U?

Paul Pogba
Manchester United are set to make Paul Pogba the highest-paid player in the Premier League with a new five-year contract worth a whopping £104 million. The Sun reveal that the Frenchman will be offered a deal worth £400,000 per week in order to keep him in Manchester.

Do footballers actually get paid weekly?

Are Footballers Paid Weekly or Monthly? It’s unlikely that footballers are paid weekly; in reality, they’re probably paid once a month like most people.

Is Trent Alexander-Arnold from America?

Trent Alexander-Arnold was born in 1998 in Liverpool. Another thing you read about Trent online is that, according to FIFA rules, he was eligible to play for the United States national team. This means that one of his parents or grandparents must have been born in the US. So perhaps Dianne was born in the USA.