Is Imoen any good?

Is Imoen any good?

“Imoen joins with you immediately after you leave Candlekeep and wouldn’t you know it, she’s easily one of the best NPCs in the entire game. She has perfect stats for a thief (max dexterity, max constitution bonus) and can dual-class into mage.

Is Imoen a Bhaalspawn?

In BG1, Imoen being a Bhaalspawn was never conceived. She was only added in due to playtesters complaining about the lack of a good thief early on in the game. In BG2, she was more fleshed out, but was supposed to die in Spellhold.

How old is Imoen?

Imoen is a petite 20-year old, but most people peg her at 16 or so.

Where is Imoen BG2?

Background. Imoen is the childhood friend of Gorion’s Ward. They both grew up together in the library fortress of Candlekeep from the time when she was brought there, when they were both about the age of 10.

Why is imoen a mage?

Imoen is a mage in SoA because Bioware thought that most of the people who played with her in the party in BGI dualed her to a mage …

How do I level up my imoen?

Rank up find traps and open lock to around 85 or 90 apiece and you’re good to go. Just make sure you pick up a thief to cover your trap finding needs in the meantime. Coran joins roughly the same time I hit level 6 or 7 on Imoen anyway, so he’s the obvious candidate.

How old is Sarevok?

Sarevok – According to David Gaider, 5-6 years older than the PC – around 26 in Baldur’s Gate.

What level is irenicus?

– Magic: Irenicus is an extremely powerful epic level mage.

What can you do with Ankheg shells?

Take the shell to Taerom Fuiruim at his shop in Beregost and he will offer to buy it from you. You can sell it for 500 gold, or if you refuse his initial offer you can get a nice set of custom Ankheg Plate Mail armor made (but can only do this once).

What class is Sarevok?

In all editions he is a level 15 fighter.

Should I take the ring from Koveras?

Koveras is actually pretty darn insistent that you take the ring when he meets you, although you can still avoid getting the ring if you outright refuse.

What happened to Irenicus?

In an eruption of magical energy, Irenicus fell once and for all – whatever was left of his being was transported to some distant plane, where he was feasted upon by some fiendish horde.