What are the benefits of having a large span of control?

What are the benefits of having a large span of control?

Advantages of a Large Span of Control

  • » Faster Decision Making: with fewer layers within the organization decisions can be made more quickly.
  • » Lower Costs: relative to organizations with a small span of control because fewer managers are needed relative to the number of employees.

What is span of control advantages and disadvantages?

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of a wide span of control (5) Advantages • Staff are empowered to make their own decisions and to carry out their own tasks without interference by managers. • Less managers are required and wages are saved. • Less levels of communication for decisions to pass through.

Which span of control is more efficient?

A wide span of control places numerous employees under each manager. This approach is effective when the daily tasks and processes are clearly defined. A narrow span is often more effective when daily guidance and expertise is needed to complete more complex tasks.

What is large span of control?

Overview. In simple words, span of control means the manageable number of subordinates of a superior. The bigger the number of the subordinates a manager controls, the broader is her/his span of control.

What are the disadvantages of a wide span of control?


  • wide span of control means that tasks must be delegated, which can lead to employees feeling stressed and managers feeling overstretched.
  • less promotion opportunities within a flat structure, which may lead to the company losing staff to other organisations.

Is it true that a wide span of control will shorten the chain of command?

Wide span of control: Wide span of control means a manager can supervise and control effectively a large number of persons at a time. It is because shorter span of control leads to rise in number of steps or levels in vertical chain of command which leads to tall organization.

What is a good span of control?

Optimal span of control. Three or four levels of reporting typically are sufficient for most organizations, while four to five are generally sufficient for all organizations but the largest organizations (Hattrup, 1993). Larger organizations tend to have wider spans of control than smaller organizations.

How does span of control affect decisions?

The average span of control impacts the company’s time to make a decision. It determines the width & height of the structure. Also, it affects the cost structure. The taller the structure, the costlier it becomes.

What is the optimal span of control?

Does Apple have a wide span of control?

According to the Apple Incorporated, the company can be classified as having a wide span of control. Under the CEO of Apple Inc. Tim Cook, there are 13 departments and each department have their own group of employees.

Is a wide span of control beneficial to the business?

Advantages of Wide Span of Control A wide span of control is less expensive because the business employs fewer managers. With only one manager, or a manager with a supervisor or team leader in the hierarchy below, most employees are all on the same level and can work with each other with clear delegation of duties.

What is the principle of span of control?

The concept of “span of control,” also known as management ratio, refers to the number of subordinates controlled directly by a superior.

What are the advantages of a narrow span of control?

Advantages of Narrow Span of Control. A narrow span of control provides better communication between managers and their employees and gives managers better control over their specific subordinates.

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What is the definition of span of control?

Defining span of control. Span of control refers to the number of subordinates that can be managed effectively and efficiently by supervisors or managers in an organization. Typically, it is either narrow or wide resulting in a flatter or more hierarchical organizational structure.

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