What are the dimensions of a Renault Master van?

What are the dimensions of a Renault Master van?

The interior width of the Master Van is 1765mm and the exterior width is 2470mm. The interior height of the Renault Master FWD is 1700mm (H1), 1894mm (H2), and 2144mm (H3). The wheelbase lengths are 3182mm (SWB), 3682mm (MWB), and 4332mm (LWB). The width between the wheel arches on this model is 1380mm.

What is the length of a Renault Master?

Van dimensions

Body style Height Length
FWD MWB high-roof van 2,749mm 5,548mm
FWD LWB medium-roof van 2,488mm 6,198mm
FWD LWB high-roof van 2,744mm 6,198mm
RWD MWB medium-roof van SW 2,527mm 6,198mm

Is Renault Master a long wheelbase?

The long wheelbase, extra overhang (L4) Master is the largest version available, offered with both a medium and low roof but only on the rear wheel drive. There is a load bed length of 4,383mm and load volumes of either 14.9 or 17 cubic metres.

Is the Renault Master van any good?

The Renault Master has consistently been one of the top five best-selling vans in the UK over the past 10 years thanks to its low retail price, excellent warranty and productivity. One of its traditional weaker points, fuel economy, was improved over the summer and we put one new example, the 165 Energy, to the test.

What can you fit in a Renault Master?

Passenger & boot space That means a maximum of nine-cubic-metre capacity in an L1 with a maximum payload of 1623kg, a 12.3-cubic-metre capacity in L2 vans with a 1529kg payload and 14.8 cubic metres with a 1434kg maximum. Load lengths of up to 2583mm are possible in the L1, 3083mm in the L2 and 3733mm in the L3.

What is the length of a Renault Trafic van?

Renault Trafic exterior dimensions

Renault Trafic variant SL / L1H1 LL / L2H1
Exterior length (mm) 4,999 5,399
Exterior height (mm) 1,971 1,971
Exterior width without mirrors (mm) 1,956 1,956
Exterior width with mirrors (mm) 2,283 2,283

How much can you fit in a Renault Master?

Their maximum load capacity ranges from 12.4 to 17 cubic metres and can move lengths from 3733mm to 4383mm. Payloads for a 3.5-tonne van range from 1207kg in the L3 to 1160kg for an L4; however, there is the option to have a 4.5-tonne Renault Master that increases payloads in the L3 to 2151kg and 2128kg for the L4.

What is the weight of a Renault Master?

Renault / Master

Master SM 33 2.5dCi 100
Load Height (mm) 1912
Load Volume (m3) 9.1
Gross Payload (Kg) 1454
Gross Vehicle Weight (Kg) 3300

Which Van is best for fuel economy?

Top 5 Large Vans By MPG

  1. Vauxhall Movano / Renault Master – 48.5MPG* I think we can all agree that this is a superb result for the Vauxhall Movano with the big 2.3-litre diesel engine in the 150PS guise.
  2. Ford Transit – 43.5MPG.
  3. Fiat Ducato – 43.4MPG.
  4. VW Crafter / MAN TGE – 38.2MPG.
  5. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – 36.2MPG**

Where is the Renault Master made?

Third generation (2010–present)

Third generation
Production 2010–present
Assembly France: Batilly (SoVAB) Brazil: São José dos Pinhais (Renault Brazil)
Layout Transverse front-engine, front-wheel drive Longitudinal front-engine, rear-wheel drive Transverse front-engine, all-wheel drive

Which van is best for fuel economy?

How much can you fit in Renault Master?

How big does a Renault Master van get?

8m³ Load Space, 1.6 tonne Payload & 2.5 tonne Towing 10.8m³ Load Space & 1.6 tonne Payload Over 2.5m of cargo Load Length Over 2.5m of cargo Load Length Takes STD Pallets through Front or Side Doors

How many horsepower does a Renault Master have?

It was available in two states of tune, either 120 PS (88 kW; 118 hp) or 160 PS (118 kW; 158 hp) with five and six speeds respectively. A new generation of the Renault Master was introduced in the summer of 2010, again including the rebadged Opel/Vauxhall Movano and Nissan NV400.

When did the second generation Renault Master come out?

The second generation Renault Master, which arrived in November 1997, was more conventional in appearance and, though primarily developed by Renault, was available from 1998 as the almost identical Opel Movano (badged in the United Kingdom as the Vauxhall Movano ), and from Renault’s closely related partner Nissan,…

How big is the front grille on a Renault Master?

In the United Kingdom, the Movano is available in a large range of height, length and weight configurations, and capable of transporting up to 4,500 kg (9,900 lb). In 2014, the front grille was facelifted on the Renault Master but the facelift did not apply to the Opel/Vauxhall versions.