What caused the London riots 2011 BBC?

What caused the London riots 2011 BBC?

The riots began following a protest in Tottenham over the shooting of Mark Duggan by police. Sgt Simon Willmott and a fellow officer filming the disorder found themselves facing a violent mob of several hundred people. He only had a see-through plastic shield to protect himself.

Who was blamed for the London riots 2011?

Marcus Knox-Hooke
Marcus Knox-Hooke was 29-years-old at the time. On Saturday 6 th August 2011, he was trying to make sense of the news that his best friend Mark Duggan had been killed by police officers after the taxi he was riding in was pulled over two days earlier.

Why did London riots happen?

The 2011 England riots, or London riots, took over the capital following a protest over the fatal shooting of 29-year-old Mark Duggan. Mr Duggan was shot by police in Tottenham on Thursday, August 4, 2011 after undercover officers forced the minicab he was travelling in to pull over.

Who died in the London riots?

On the evening of 8 August, the riots claimed two lives: Trevor Ellis, 26, was found with bullet wounds in a car in Croydon and Richard Bowes, 68, was critically injured trying to put out a fire. He later died from his injuries.

Is London safe?

Although the crime rate in London has been increasing, it is still a relatively safe city. In fact, according to the Economists Safe Cities Index, London is the fourteenth safest city in the world. In 2019/20 the London crime rate was 101.48 crimes per thousand people.

Is Mark Duggan black?

Mark Duggan was born on 15 September 1981 and grew up in Broadwater Farm, north London. His parents were of mixed Irish and African-Caribbean descent. Between the ages of 12 and 17, he lived with his maternal aunt Carole in Manchester.

When did the riots happen in the UK?

In August 2011, thousands of people rioted in London and other cities and towns in England. For some of those involved, their lives changed dramatically. A man was smashing a jewellery shop window with a fire extinguisher.

Where was the riot in Tottenham in August 2011?

A firefighter douses a blaze in Tottenham during the aftermath of the initial riot. A peaceful march on Saturday 6 August in Tottenham was followed by rioting and looting, first in Tottenham and later in Tottenham Hale Retail Park.

How many police officers were injured in the 2011 riots?

Double-decker bus burning in Tottenham during the 2011 England riots, in which arsonists set fire to four buses. In total, 186 police officers were injured as well as 3 Police Community Support Officers. Five police dogs were also reported injured.

Who was on the radio during the 2011 riots?

Scott Bates features in BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s two-part special, presented by Secunder Kermani, on The Riots, Five Years On. Episode one Then (2011) and episode two Now (2016) About an hour later Scott realised the local fancy dress shop, Party Superstore, was on fire. It was the only building in the area to be set ablaze.