What do you need to know about Ross Technology?

What do you need to know about Ross Technology?

Ross Technology forced-entry bullet resistant (FEBR) and blast-resistant fenestration products are engineered and tested to withstand high caliber rifle rounds, mob-level forced-entry attacks and high pressure / impulse blast loads. Our primary focus is the engineering and manufacturing of complete systems to resist combined threats.

Where does Ross technologies make electronic bagpipes?

Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada – we have been a leader in the design and manufacture of affordable quality Electronic Bagpipes for nearly two decades, with instruments shipped to every continent on the globe!

What are the custom fabrication requirements for Ross?

Custom fabrication requirements: Ross manufactures products in conformance with customer-provided specifications and designs for each jobsite. Products are shipped as complete assemblies with structural framing, security features and markings.

What kind of products does Ross Industries make?

Ross specializes in designing and manufacturing products that are engineered, tested and certified to meet the highest industry standards for safety and reliability within their respective fields.


Is the HEX mobile a trademark of Ross Tech?

“VCDS”, “VCDS-Mobile”, “HEX-NET” and “HEX-V2” are Registered Trademarks of Ross-Tech, LLC. Ross-Tech is not affiliated with the Volkswagen Group in any way.

Is there a WiFi Version of Ross Tech?

USB and WiFi INTERFACES Now Available! licensed for the English version only. please contact the appropriate distributor. Unless otherwise noted, all content on this site is Copyright © 2000-2017 by Ross-Tech LLC. All rights reserved. “VCDS”, “VCDS-Mobile”, “HEX-NET” and “HEX-V2” are Registered Trademarks of Ross-Tech, LLC.

How are Ross Technology forced entry fenestration systems tested?

Ross Technology forced entry bullet resistant (FEBR) and blast resistant fenestration systems are tested to Department of State (DOS), Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards. We engineer each system component to meet your project specifications for construction, architectural design and sustainability.